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  1. Well, to have clear, bright screen displayed under direct sunlight, the choice is simple for every of the blubbers: just look around, there is plenty phones with screens brighter than the sun around - so choose one, and stop blaming Omnia, pls.
  2. Hi. Has anybody figured out (without digging in registry, layout.dat etc.), how to make the bloody operator logo/name visible? :D
  3. As I'm not able to make soldered connection to my toaster even, I was trying to find something, what will be replacement of such. Well, looking at the description - it SHOULD work. Here's the link: Samsung S 20 pin Multi Adapter AAET554CBE Omnia i900 UK alternatively, you can Google for: Samsung S 20 pin Multi Adapter AAET554CBE Omnia i900. As the cost is (I think) acceptable, I'll buy it, and when will be delivered, I'll try to have some TMC working on it :D
  4. Samsung Omnia I900 - O2, works perfectly even if .NET installed on the memory card (for memory save).
  5. Older and on fileFactory <_< What means (for me): we have currently no slots available for download, so blablabla.... more mirrors = wider availability. I hope that somebody will puy it on the netload as well.
  6. I don't think so... AFAIK, the one of the "advantages" of all WM based systems is memory dynamic allocation. I know only one SatNav software, developed in Poland, called AutoMapa, which allows you to allocate certain amount of memory for POIs and maps. But, this is unique, unfortunately.
  7. Chokia, when you'll need "full speed", you can just call it, then press "exit". This will restore normal Omnia speed control.
  8. Well... I've been using it on Asus A696, with another settings since about a year. On Omnia, I've instaled it after I have observed that it's going too hot, approx two weeks ago. Works well. I've tested that with CPU decreased to 300MHz iGo8 is fixing within secs instead of mins, and TomTom is fixing position without GPSGate. Same time, when I have changed settings to dynamic, but keepipng almost all range at 200MHz, while 71-100% CPU load remaining at 300MHz - I've extended the battery lifetime to two days. Not too much, but... So, (but - I'm not advising to do this before tests) I've set XCPUScalar to autostart after soft reset and minimize on start. Csummarizing: I'm pretty happy with using it.
  9. to make it easier, it's here: http://www.immiersoft.com/download.htm
  10. It's typical, while iGo8 is known processor resources consummer. I found even more, maybe you'll find similar symptoms: sometimes Omnia is fixing GPs (internal) within 5-10 miutes, what is unacceptable. Well, I'm dealing with this in such way: - install XCPUScalar 3.03; - set processor speed flat or dynamic, whatever you'll choose, but DON NOT exceed 300MHz; - run iGo8. GPS is fixed within seconds only, and phone became little bit warmer, but not hot. Of course, you can exit XCPUScalar immediately when you'll need more power from your phone. One precaution: DO NOT mark: auto start after soft reset. If the frequency will be wrong, and your screen will start to flick, then you'll be still able to readjust it by soft reset. Hope it will help you.
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