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  1. Follow the Downloads link at the top right of the forum and hit the Add File button. The file will then be approved by a member of staff before appearing in the sub-forum you are trying to post in. :D
  2. Sorry - I do like to keep things clean and tidy around here though :D This was last night's location :
  3. I've no experience of Outlook/Enterprise 2007 but, to get you started, when you plug in your phone after installing ActiveSync and the New Partnership wizard starts you get the option of combining Contacts etc stored on your phone with those on your PC. This is your best option to start with and, once sync'ed, you can clear out duplicates and generally tidy things up. Offhand I don't think I've seen an ActiveSync tutorial but there is plenty of info on specific issues (should you have any) on this forum, as there is on similar sites. It's not that complicated though and you just need to go carefully through the options in the set-up wizard. Any mistakes you make are easily recoverable from as long as you do the combine of info to begin with.
  4. Congratulations - my vote's for Hattrick :D
  5. This thread keeps popping up in 'View New Posts' so I assume that people have started voting again !! Perhaps you can put us out of our misery - three years now - and let us know what Little Egg actually got named :D
  6. Welcome to the forum :D You can find it at our software store : http://fairdeal.modaco.com/product.asp?id=...;n=SmartTweaker
  7. Follow the second link in my sig for instructions on the various methods
  8. Is it this one ? http://www.modaco.com/index.php?automodule...p;showfile=2414 If so it's a cab file so you shouldn't have unzipped it - see Looby's instructions above. Even so, I doubt it will display properly on the Q as it is designed for portrait screens
  9. Welcome to the forum :D Have a look on the Handmark website; they certainly used to sell a version for Pocket PCs : http://www.handmark.com/index.php?
  10. I'm a huge fan of Motorola headsets. I used the HT820s with the C600 and E650 but felt a little self-conscious on the street because of the size. I assume you wouldn't be using the S805s while walking around outside ! As soon as the S9s came out I bought them and I would recommend them to anyone. Given that I only use them out of the house I don't expect concert hall standard but I've always been impressed with the quality of the sound. There is always the problem with the (very) occasional sound drop-out / hiccup and the subsequent quickening of the playback as if the media player is trying to catch up with itself. I think there is a tweak on XDAdevelopers that addresses this but I haven't bothered trying it. It seems to be a radio issue as there are certain specific points on my walk to/from work where it always happens. Anyway, the S9s are pretty cheap and the sound quality is very good. Best of all, they are light and will fit nicely into a jacket pocket :D
  11. I'm not sure Spb would want us to actually host the file but I'm posting a link to their site and the download page : http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/mobileshell/?en :D
  12. Tried XDAdevelopers ? That would be your first port-of-call.
  13. Just don't upload it here :D
  14. Is it not just Arabic / Worldwide English ?
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