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  1. This is exactly what I bought for my Omnia, and was told it is a original replacement battery... also 1500 mAh... I suppose the Omnia and Omnia 2 share the same battery and it got upgraded ... I am quite sure it is the real thing, as I have previously used a non genuine chinese replacement, and the charge on the original battery lasts twice ...
  2. If your phone does not turn on USB cabe DOES NOT CHARGE IT at all. Get a proper charger, leave it plugged in for a couple of hours and say if the LED comes on as either red or green ...
  3. I have 3 quick questions for the ex i900 users that got a Galaxy S: 1. does the Galaxy S have an optical mouse ? ( I see a button in the middle but no review said it was a trackpad ) 2. did you find anything as good as IGO for turn by turn navigation ? 3. how is Word / Excel editing compared to I900? These could help me decide to switch to the Galaxy...
  4. I have latest stock ROM (DXIA5) and nothing else installed; when I try to play a youtube video in Opera 10 beta 3 it tells me that either I have java disabled, or I need to install latest Flash player. Anyone know what I need to do to make it work ? edit : also this version of Opera seems to smoke my battery... did anyone notice this ?
  5. Same here with stock ROM, deleted Activesync connection and re-entered settings and is now working again.
  6. It's not a good idea to rely only on the USB cable to charge your Omnia... It will never fully charge ( green light ) and it may refuse to charge the phone if the battery is dead. The problem is not with Omnia's battery, the problem is the way you charge it .
  7. Changelog posted in xda forum... good stuff: locks DPAD mouse ... I like faster GDI mode ... ok exceptional exe list can be edited in settings, not only through registry ... just when you thought it cannot get any better, it did...
  8. settings...personal...sounds and notifications... uncheck "hardware buttons"
  9. I'm not 100% sure but if you soft reset does it not change USB mode to active sync automatically ? Try it at least ...
  10. This happened to me a few days ago after I installed some of the apps from Omnia Lite and played around with them. Did not find any solution except hard reset. MP3 ringtones would play fine, but if I tried to change the ringtone in Control Panel I could not preview it . Also none of the music players worked. I would suggest for you to uninstall any recently installed programs but don't get your hopes up.
  11. I think this thread deserves to get sticky... there's too much good stuff inside... Tried Picture Viewer and it works, also volume control works, but one small question : when you adjust system volume you get small beeps as an audible clue to how loud it is... maybe when you adjust ringer volume it should do the same but is missing a particular mp3 file that is on the Omnia Lite ? Does anyone know how it works ? Or maybe someone can post all mp3's in the Omnia Lite ? There's also the "Cloudy Tone" that the new clock tries to find... Edit : OK used my super hacking skills ( viewing files in notepad ) and discovered that if you place 2 wav files in Windows directory you get pretty volume preview: 02_List Enter.wav 37_Hot key.wav use any short wav file you like and name it like this...
  12. Small problems with new clock: if you install it then uninstall you lose original Samsung Clock if you have an alarm made with original Samsung Clock, you cannot edit or delete it - you need to delete them before , or uninstall Clock and delete them from registry the alarm does not ring until you soft reset Now using new clock, file manager, calendar, converter and touch player ( which works 100% - plays videos and never crashed while adding files ). Tried keyboard, it works but i'm used to the old one so I got rid of it. Thanks a million guys !
  13. Stock IA5 ROM, installed Calendar to My Storage and it works perfect so far !! This is EXACTLY what my omnia needed to be the perfect phone, thanks a lot Sector ! I will try the others and let you know how it goes... edit: damn i only have 7 megs left ... need to uninstall IGO for now and try keyboard...but file manager, smart converter and touch player all work, installed on My Storage.
  14. Or use Inesoft Phone , and have the option to block certain caller groups
  15. In my opinion is bad for business to discontinue support so soon for a product that was a the flagship of Samsung Mobile a year ago. Smart management would be to get WM 6.5 for Omnia, just to show you stand by your product. For example I own a Dell laptop and will definitely buy Dell because driver support is excellent even after 2 years. If Omnia does not get a WM 6.5 upgrade I will think twice before buying Samsung Mobile again...
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