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  1. Wowww it's perfect. Thank you very much Ryrzy. I would like to have a phonebook that the move of contacts would be perfect and smooth or soft, such as the rom of shk. I love it to look for contacts. Or i have to install any new program to have it? Regards and thank you in advanced, MrZiPPy
  2. thank you very much. Very good version but would you like to cook one without pagepool please. I haven't problem with the memory but from that pagepool, several times this is very slow. I don't know if it would be due to that. regards, mrzippy
  3. OOOhhhh my god!!! THE BEST FIRM Khuanchai. U improved the impossible :) sorry my english. THank you khuanchai.
  4. I think the same... I'm using the previous version and it's perfect. Somepeople will be disagree but everybody is free to download or not download the firmware even people is free to read this thread. Please don't left khuanchai, I hope your new rom soon. Regards.
  5. Hello Everybody, Firstly I have to request excuse for my poor english. I have post one message in the first page telling that this firmware works very very good. I have read all post in 5 minutes and I say the same problems all the time. Please we need tidy this post up. Please copy and paste here all the errors or problems that you have but pleeeaseee don't put the error without read all the posts. Please. I if you have a problem that anyone haven't... probably u have flashed bad the firmw. Remember hard reset the internal memory and erase manually the temp files in my storage... such as in the root directory, in temp and all the program files. Erase everything you don't need in my storage. This is very important, after that read the post to solve the problem and after that write here. I have this firm 3 weeks ago and this works perfect. The battery is perfect, the mouse is perfect and the opera with internet is perfect (in light version i have installed opera_v9.5_build_15233_qvga.cab. This integrate opera and flash and it works PERFECT. Look for in google), and wifi is perfect if you have problems with internet go to settings/connections/browser connection and choose internet or wap. Please investigate and read. Some problems or improvement ------------------------------ - The font menus (not the start menu) has little size and is difficult to touch. Solution: -The error Windows Media Player: Cannot play the file... when you touch the music tab in M2D. Solution: Please Copy and Paste problems and solutions. Another recomendation if you learn to use RotationService (http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-http-omnia-modaco-com/276388/rotationservice-new-version-1-2-1/) you can rotate only the application that you want such as photoalbum, radiofm, word, s2p... Regards, Mrzippy P.D. I forgot it... Thank you Khuanchai. Good job. :)
  6. Ok I have just solved. Ok is good to know it. But now the problem is that in the photo tab, the image isn't center in the square. I have change the htchomesettings but that didn't solve that. I'll continue investigating. I would like to put there a square bigger if it is possible. Ahhh the mouse is solved and perfect. This is the best rom that I have had. I thing that better than 12m. Regards.
  7. Hello, I have using this for 10 minutes and it look like very good. I like it. I continue testing. I think that there is a problem in the photo tab. It isn't work very well and the photo isn't in the center. anyone have that problem? Regards
  8. Hello, anyone have the next problem? - All program button only works one time. Then you can't press again because the tab program doesn't open. Regards.
  9. Hello, I would like to know if you use this function. I think that this is very good but people doesn't know to use. Anyone can post his files (user customization) to start other people to modify. Regards.
  10. Hello, In this threat in PDAVIET speaks that this rom is here, in modaco but I could not find it. I think that it look like very very good. 2008 12 30_18 18 39_0012_111f.jpg 2008 12 30_18 19 19_0013_111f.jpg 2008 12 30_18 20 47_0014_111f.jpg 2008 12 30_18 21 12_0015_111f.jpg. You can see more information here http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...sl=vi&tl=en Regards.
  11. Hello Passoa, This Rom is perfect thank you very well. Now everything is very good. I have to learn how to customize better but I think that I will can.
  12. mrzippy

    Omnia Photos

    Firstly, sorry for my poor english. When you will do a photo very near of the object. Try to use the macro option. This option doesn't active the max flash. Regards

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