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  1. amanson

    i600 on airplane?

    Its hit-and-miss with flight attendants. Some are smart enough to understand that there are flight mode options on the phones. Others are not, and want them off regardless. I find it easier just to turn it off at times rather than trying to explain what flight mode is. I'm not really looking forward to being able to use the phones on the planes. Some people who talk on phones are inconsiderate to those around them. I can imagine the planes being so loud with everyone on the phone.... like a restaurant or something. No more sleeping on the plane... ;)
  2. amanson

    Here we go again...

    Oh God.... I remember the last go around for SP 2003. I'm not holding my breath. My guess is July 2006! (if that)
  3. Is there a way to connect a laptop to the internet through the i600 and Verizon service of some sort?
  4. I tried to install SurrealStart and get a permissions error when installing. What do I need to do to be able to install it? Thank you.
  5. Did anyone figure this out? Does this link work for a Samgsung i600?
  6. The problem I have is that I get permissions errors when trying to change the start menu now. I did not have that problem before.
  7. I've got: Operator: 4.20.40518.0 Manufacturer: 4.20.40518.0 Microsoft: 4.20.13349.0
  8. Does anyone how to customize the start menu on SP 2003? In 2002, I used to just modify the files under the 'Start Menu' directory via the Explorer. Now that I have upgraded to 2003, I am getting permission errors. Thank you.
  9. amanson

    Homescreens on 2003

    I am not familiar with MS homescreen Generator, but am familiar with programming homescreens. There is no difference in XML from '02 to '03. The problem may be that the filesystem has changed from '02 to '03. The home screen XML files are stored in a different location and thus, are not recognized by the phone if MS homescreen Generator puts them in the old location.
  10. Yes, Voice Signal is definately on 2003. Maybe what they meant is that your recordings do not transfer over. You may need to re-record everything.
  11. Looks like the Caller ID works with the upgrade to Smartphone 2003! I can now see people's names instead of just the phone number on the outside display. :P
  12. For me the upgrade was a little shaky, but it worked. I uninstalled my version of ActiveSync 3.7.1 (because of what I read on some forums here) and installed version 3.7. I carefully went through the process up to the end. I got an error that the upgrade was incomplete and that I needed to run it again. When I restarted the phone, I could see that SP2003 was installed after the long reboot. Everything looked fine. I went to my 'Phone Settings' and looked at the 'Version' that was on my phone. The PDA software had been updated, but the Phone software had not been updated. So, I reran the same software that I had downloaded for the upgrade. This time, everything went through fine and the upgrade said it was successful. I confirmed this when I restarted my phone by looking again at the 'Version'. This time it showed the correct PDA and Phone software versions.
  13. Midnight, You are right. I guess I just need to play more. It sucks to buy a game and finish it in a week or less. It's nice to have something challenging that you can keep going back to. Good work on this game. :D I like what you are doing in E2 by having different difficulty modes. That way people of different skill sets can enjoy it equally. Also, as people get better, they can increase the difficulty and keep enjoying the game. :D -Andy
  14. I have stopped playing it as well. I cannot make it past the first level (although I have been close). The game is hard because if you die at anytime during the level, you can forget finishing it. You pretty much need all of the power-ups you can to get to the end. Its a bummer becuause it is a well made game, but too frustrating to play to the end. Has anyone finished it?
  15. Are there any cheats for Eclipse: First Wave? Are there any ways to skip levels, etc? Thank you.
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