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  1. Obviously keyboard and weight are the biggest differences, get into a shop and hold both in your hand. If music is important to you the X1 has the 3.5mm headphone jack, TD2 does everything through the mini-usb connector so requires an adapter to charge and listen at the same time. Keyboard, I tried the X1 after a Samsung i600 and BlackJack II and didn't really like the feedback and width of the SE keyboard. It was too wide for me to thumb type as quickly as I could on the Samsungs. If you want to use the touch screen a lot I found the slight bevel the X1 has to be a pain to get to the corners, and had to get the stylus out quite q bit. Hope that helps..
  2. I went through this a while back to get an HP Voice Messenger that was only available on business. They have an option of "Sole Trader" which classes you as a business but requires none of the credit check hassle, if you are an existing Pay Monthly customer they will convert you instantly. I got one of my two accounts re-classed to this and got the phone sorted all in about 20 mins...
  3. what a spectacularly inelegant way of adding a payment page...
  4. last time I spoke to a Vodafone CS Rep it was due end of April/early May. pinch of salt as usual though...
  5. mine does this whenever an email or sms comes in - I use OTA AS but it sounds like its the same thing. I haven't found a way to stop it doing this...
  6. oh wow sorry, completely misunderstood your post! no, nothing I know of like that...
  7. there is a no-data .cab you can install http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-so...utility-nodata/ which will only let the device get data over wifi or active sync - that should help.
  8. I bought this Belkin one a while back, works very well.
  9. ummm, just sync your old device to Outlook, and then sync the new device to that Outlook profile too. Your old device should have come with a cd containing a copy of Outlook if you don't already have one, but new devices don't have this any more.
  10. yes from what I've read, the data gets stored ok, but different apps handle it differently. for example Flickr seems to strip the data out when the image is uploaded, so not really the diamonds fault...
  11. in theory the location data is tagged in the photo, but different applications and websites vary as to whether they can successfully read the data - e.g. flickr currently fails to read the data. see here and here for further details....
  12. nice guide, will give this a go. can I ask what you use to get the weather graphic and temp on the homescreen? thanks
  13. ok, just updated mine to 6.1 tonight - the problem you maybe having is that the GPRS settings have been set by AT&T and are locked in place. however, if you view this topic it tells you how to remove those locked entries, after which you can setup your own connection which works fine. cheers
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