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  1. lukeap69

    Eten v htc

    i'd say you go for tytn ii. it's one of the hottest ppc's nowadays. and why not, with all the features.
  2. lukeap69

    A2DP on Touch?

    yes it does. i have been using it with motorola soundpilot s705
  3. but I thought the UNI has no internal GPS...
  4. combining SE's walkman technology and WinMo, then I think this would be a winner. Can't wait for the first unit.
  5. saw the related post in xda-dev, tried it and i'd say it's fast and video plays smooth
  6. try the lastest version http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...ghlight=realvga
  7. lukeap69

    htc touch

    i am not sure if you are on the right forum. anyway, please see this thread on xda-dev http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...d=1#post1493168 good luck.
  8. lukeap69

    qtek rom

    please read the following thread from airfagev http://www.airfagev.com/forum_view.asp?nav...sp%3Fcode%3Dall good luck. please note that you may brick your device so do this at your own risk.
  9. lukeap69

    Just got my HTC touch

    congrats for your new touch. on the other hand, i find it simpler maybe because this is my second ppc after jasjar. i wish though it had buttons for soft keys. cheers.
  10. lukeap69

    CityTime Alarms/Timer Beta

    it's a shame that you are having this trouble. the previous version i didn't quite like because you have to go to option and set the alarm tone directory everytime. the latest issue solved that problem and i have been much happier with it. this is the must app that i firstly install into my device.
  11. lukeap69

    Rivia Gentimer 2.0 Beta for Pocket PC

    Hi Mateusz The final release is working now with my imate jasjar. So far, my testing appears to be okay. No issues yet. Thanks. Arnold
  12. lukeap69

    Rivia Gentimer 2.0 Beta for Pocket PC

    Hi Mateusz The wait icon appears then it stays like that. i'll try again and see if it is shown in the task manager. Cheers Arnold
  13. lukeap69

    Rivia Gentimer 2.0 Beta for Pocket PC

    Hi I have downloaded the CAB and successfully installed. However, the app would not open. I am using jasjar. Arnold
  14. lukeap69

    Rivia Gentimer 2.0 Beta for Pocket PC

    Hi I am using imate jasjar. The snooze function doesn't seem to work on me. I have tried for at least three alarms and set it to 10 minutes. After the alarm goes, I press snooze, then the alarm is already disabled and will not alarm anymore after 10 minutes. Cheers Arnold

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