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  1. HELLO GUYS SOME wall papers link below, do the resizing according to ur needs http://rapidshare.com/files/427631994/WALLPAPER.rar
  2. Thank u sinan, after trying many roms, 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.3, and back to sinans 6.1, the best most stable rom. Thank u very much once again.
  3. Hello there, if u want to add to programs menu, u will have to go to windows and search for the main menu file, click on it and make a shortcut to start menu , its done now u will have it in the program menu. hope that helps

    SamSung S 8500 (WAVE) ROM

    Hello guys wat u guys think of wave with bada os, watiing for your feed back, I love my i800 but just for the info, thanx guys
  5. I agree with sinan, that autorotate will help you and u can select the programs for which u need autorotation, Sinan thanku for all the support with ur JUIJ1 rom I have mashallah stable system with all the rom n rameven after installing shell, wedgit plus and today 2, thanku once again.
  6. Hello andrew Plz can u tell us if we can change the back ground picture of that theme, looking forward to your answer Regards
  7. hello there cani have cab of this key board plz plz waiting for the respond
  8. HELLO THERE can we change the back ground to black plz help if v can waiting for ur help regards bye
  9. m using 6.1 i made some mods like added dink's clock. every thing LOADS FAST except the weather and dinks clock take take about 2 secs
  10. Check out spb shell and mobile shell manager,
  11. hello there try pho nx from iconsoft its lovly
  12. Hello there, icons softs Spam alert is the best in that contact manager its sorts date wise with call time and all the details u require :) but u will hve to buy it not free, same as the above mentioned
  13. Hello u need to install netcf35 for the advance config to work, google it u can find the cab, if u dont then let me know I will send u the link, lots of new softwares and cab needs netcf35, al the best, I am using Sinans's rom JUJ1 its most stable after trying all I am stuck to JUJ1 its snappy, lots of space, and best part I have shell, today 2 and, widget plus all in works like a charm, thanx to sinan, our man, thank u sinan once again. Hope saolve ur problems I am sure here lots of ppl can solve ur problem, if I can be of any help u r welcome.
  14. hello all actualy the stock roms are great but less sapce i mean rom and ram, I used sinans custome rom 6.1 which is amazing fast and tons of space, the best part is I am using three U.I, spb shell, original widgits plus, and today 2 and still i have lots of space, very fast stable, no mem leak. thanks to sinan if u see this :( and thanx to the efforts of contributers.
  15. hello bro, try samsung widgit plus JB1, it does not have no. or line, its plain, u can install on the lite rom, it works like a charm.

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