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  1. hi i used ur version it builds fine but when i flash exe file under xp ...it just boots samsung omnia and nothing happens and ya i have samsung drivers installed and disabled usb connection under active sync
  2. i have attcahed log file pls check what i have done wrong log.txt
  3. sector i get error saying default.hv user.hv cannot build.....
  4. Sector pls give us a full kitchen with Sys OEM and latest base packed with basic tweaks of urs would be very helpfull
  5. Any plans for ur latest WM 6.5 to be in full kitchen so people can fully customize to their choice .... i have asked in all forums no luck or they dont reply B)
  6. if u build ur version of kitchen with sys, oem, and xip for 6.5 latest and release future packages so we can just replace and cook away, cas many of us have problems using the kitchen thats y i ask favor of u
  7. hi Stevenh can u create 6.5 kitchen for all users here and thanks
  8. i have also got the same problem and i tried both in vista and in xp and still phone not working i only get com0 and then many retries and it says fail while upgrading only phone.bin is not going through dont knw why
  9. Hi Khuanchai, is there any way to fit in a ultra clean rom without IE,opera,Windows live,Samsung stuffs except the volume screen and media album,.. i basically like the new homescreen, honeycomb and kinetic scrolling thats it. Could it be possible for such a rom
  10. QBUS & Sector a big thanks to both of u.. is it possible to get proper kitchen for this.
  11. if someone who speaks chinese pls request in that website forr wwe version , if possible even with IA5
  12. CE OS 21014 ...Build 21014 Aku 1.6.0 any plans of this being build into the latest kitchen
  13. i have the dinovo mini its worth the investment as it can used for the pc ps3 ... for pc i use without the dongle and i have used in my old htc devices like o2 xda exec, athena it does work... but havnt tried trackpad
  14. hi black dragon ur black theme and its a lite rom concept is great especially ur comm mgr skin any hopes for lite roms on the new hk2 or hk3 WWE pls .... any black styles of urs applied to the phone pad and all samsung skins to ur style would also be great... B) ur opera can it be optional and ur youtbe aslo. thanks again
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