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  1. In know a program named barcoo. But its only available for iphone 3gs, android, bb storm, symbian. but not for winmo. http://www.barcoo.de/ Its a german site. it looks up the barcodes in their database. cheapest price, ingredients, etc.
  2. Hi, how can i disable that the build-in email/sms application don't gets in the foreground when i get a push-email? it flashes over s2u2 or everything else. some roms ago i don't had this issue. maybe anyone knows a registry setting for this. thx
  3. @sector Don't like the black rom. :/ Maybe you can return to the old samsung colors next time? ;)
  4. Reset my mobile phone. Now nearly everything works perfect. But i have one or two problems: 1. When i call someone, and have to dial a number (hotline etc. "press one for..." ) i cant see the pressed numbers because they are white with white background! i use the theme which is preinstalled. 2. Cant install java software from internet. always get message "cannot connect to server". i use the newest rom from sector.
  5. Where can i get newest silverinbox? I used it some roms before but it crashed often. Now i use DXID1 and want to try again. Anyone testet it successfully?
  6. dont have installed FtouchSl. do you recommend it? EDIT: installed ftouchsl but the issue is not solved
  7. anyone else has problems with push email with the latest rom? don't get my emails automaticly anymore :/
  8. Sometimes when someone calls me my mobilephone only vibrates and the ringtone doesn't play. Everytime this happens there is a little grey box at the bottom in the middle of the lockscreen (maybe its the sip). And the vibrating is not the normal one. It's vibrating without a break until i answer the phone. Anyone has a solution?
  9. my date every time went wrong. today is the 4th of june but my mobilephone always changes it back to 3rd! now i did a softreset and 3rd again. drives me crazy. in the morning my alarm clock didn't work because date was wrong...
  10. sector can you add phone part DXID1 for me? maybe for other people, too? ; D
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