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  1. sorry mate..its been a while and i dont have the kitchen any more. you might find standalone package for it. i think it was called jblend or something. Alternatively you can download the kitchen and build the ROM with correct option
  2. its not difficult... based on what i have seen i am 99% sure that the default keyboard is XAML keyboard and there's no reason why they can't allow others to use similar framework - though current keyboard requires old CE style COM hooks into the OS, Microsoft has got to make it simpler if they want to keep devs on silverlight only. Yes can only hope that Microsoft will eventually give up extensive control :)
  3. 2.3 with word prediction has been submitted for testing. Glad to hear a good word :)
  4. I am glad. Thank you for being one of the first few customers :) total paid users now 585 The last release 2.2 when live some time over the weekend. I haven't touched the word match engine for since 1.9. It is pretty good now. Next i am going to work on word prediction when manually entering (useful for not supported languages.
  5. Mango will be availble on every current phone. If you are a regitered dev, you can download pre-release mango build for testing. Release Mango (7.1 / 7.5) will be availble for download in fall this year.
  6. thank you Midnight... its close to midnight and i am updating my phone :) twitter integration here i come
  7. I just checked today for any updates.... non for mango beta. I was one of the first few ISVs to install.. one hour of getting the invite and i dont have any twitter integration.. maybe it just came out... will check tomorrow.. phone's upstairs charging :( unless i take my cable with me and check it :)
  8. v1.9 submitted to microsoft for testing
  9. i think its pretty straightforward to customise the font. Its just html file I think i customise / nicked it from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=622520 Hermit
  10. well word addtion has been around since 1.5 but thanks to a user i realised that i wasn't persisting those entries (so when you restarted, you had to add them again). Fixed that in 1.9. Might try to push it out today evening I think i have further improved the speed. Got some positive reviews finally :) Just because i used a company, people think there's like a team of developers - not a single dev who's using all the spare time :( oh well
  11. Sorry mate dont have any files relating to the kitchen. I found it on XDA. It is in the kitchen though.
  12. to get words like see once you get on to see, you exit it for a moment (go to the next letter) and come back on to it. that is too for all double char entries like too.
  13. Hey while 1.6 is in testing, i have been working on 1.7. No more speed configuration. It now tries to automatically workout the tracing speed with each swipe. Works well on emulator. Phone testing later on today. Will also try to finish localisation today evening and hopefully 1.7 should be ready for submission to microsoft. I am also reworking the dictionary loadup. For non english dictionaries i have achieved significant improvements. from 10 seconds to slightly less than 2. Going to do english dictionary now. I have put some improvement to reduce loading time... still working on it
  14. I have put in the latest release for testing. New keyboard colour to differentiate between windows keyboard and sliding keyboard improved usage data persistance code - previous one was slowing things down change in the logic for backspace, shift, comma, stop, spaceback and enter key commands. Prevously there was a clash and hence there was a problem. rmoved X to cancel last entry (moved and merged with backspace) updated english dictionary slightly
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