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  1. can you advise where to download so call PIT file and such new firmware? SOS!
  2. agree! i tried Launcher Pro, ADW and finally I am using Go Launcher, it is the best and absolutely free. It can be used even as Task Manager.
  3. i have been using it for about 1 month so far. it is really a great device & i never regret. in my opinion, the 16% return figure may probably be its competitors' marketing tactic to beat TAB sales to reserve market share for their own products.
  4. seems it need to be updated as new beta2 has been released.
  5. yes, i have changed it to my time zone. everytime reboot, time zone remain as mine, but time jump back to as default time zone time. e.g, time zone 0 is 9:xx now and i adjust my time zone to +8, so my time is 17:xx. after I reboot, my time zone remain at +8 but time reset to 9:xx
  6. everytime i reboot android, the time need to be adjust. anyone has same problem?
  7. In order to enable dual boot OS selection screen on B7610, follow these steps: 1. Get Gen.Y DualBOOT from megaupload (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HRPO9CC7) 2. Only use "Gen.Y DualBOOT WVGA v1.0.6.0 - Storage Card.cab" and delete other cabs. 3. Install cab on "Device Storage" (otherwise doesn't work) 4. Copy/move Haret.exe ,default.txt, zimage to root of SD card. those steps shall be done once at any time when running Windows Mobile. refer to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=918778
  8. I m not looking at 3.0 but just 2.3 and not necessary to be official ROM. personal cooked would be nice.
  9. Heard Google is to release Android 3.0 on 2nd Feb 2011, any news for Tab to upgrade to 2.3?
  10. Hi, Daskalos, "XDA_UC" is a place for all .cab, .reg, .mscr, .cer files that should be automatically and silently installed to device. "Manual" is a place for all cab files you want install in usual "visible" mode with all questions. "Copy2Root" is a place for all files and folders that should be automatically copied to device. "Run" is a place for you self-extracting archives. "Execute" is a place for you self-extracting archives if you want to continue customization while them working. but how about "Storage" ? is it a place for all cab files to be installed into /My Storage/ automatically and silently?
  11. so funny! after 101 times soft-reset, it suceessfully booted and ok now.
  12. after installed a software which autostart itself on booting, my B7610 boots then hangs. Any idea on how to boot to safe mode like PC windows so I can remove the software? either, any idea can i access phone main memory when phone is off, so i can also delete the shortcut in startup menu to avoid it auto start. pls help! SOS! urgent!
  13. is there any freeware can make B7610 able to send fax?
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