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  1. Hi! B) One bug found....none hardware buttons to configure in SETTINGS->BUTTONS.... Anyone got it like that also?
  2. Audio adjustment not wotking with L2 version. :( *#0*# is for display, camera, etc. diagnostics.
  3. JLP_SVK

    Don't Buy an Omnia !!!

    omnia IS CHARGING when connected to PC!!!! and it's great phone....
  4. God bless you! Already downloaded, going to flash. B) Will report soon.. :( Now, if only someone can fix the GPS time and map jumping in TomTom7 (with GPSgate) i will be happy!!!!! EDIT: Ok...first thoughts....everything's fine!!! But....I cannot access Omnia diagnostic menus and so on....(i.e. *#0*#, *#0002*28346#, and so on...)...can you check this, please?
  5. waiting for new ROM's!!B) phone is getting nervous to get even faster.. :(
  6. HTC Task Manager is sometimes hard to install, even with SDKCERTS, so that's why I want it to be cooked in. and yes...also camera fix and opera into the lite rom...google maps are not necessary. B) So to sum it up: Your Lite ROM + Opera + HTC Emu DLL's + Camera Fix + HTC Task Manager 2.1 = DREAM ROM if wanted to use landscape (for now)!!! Total DREAM ROM would be your released M2D ROM with some landscape alternative.. :( And, I am using landscape, as I am using my Omnia as GPS navigation in car. :(
  7. no...there is a DLL patched and can be applied only if cooked into the ROM.
  8. Camera fix is not fix at all...it just set 100% JPEG quality, when shooting at highest resolution. B)
  9. And another one... B) Sorry... hehe.. Lite ROM same as M2D, but without M2D.. :( I am flashing ROM's few times/week. :(
  10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already downloading. :(
  11. Heyy. :( As I don't know to cook ROM's (but tried), I am suggestor. B)
  12. Did you integrated HTC Emulation DLL's??? I can send you SDKCERTS. :(
  13. Stevenh....great!!! But...can you made also exactly this ROM, but with HTC Emu DLL's, Camera Fix, HTC Task Manager 2.1 and Manilla 2D??? That would be a suberb ROM. B)
  14. in fact, it's not the new LCD, it's only TSP (Touch Sensing Panel). B)

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