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  1. I guess we should be focusing all efforts on improving the last O2 ROMs then, the JE2/3/5 series. I'm sure our ROM cookers will be able to make them better :-)
  2. I think now that they have their newly released Omnia Pro phones, they will forget and dump the Omnia 2 users :-/ I hope I'm wrong, but usually this is what happens...
  3. Maybe it is possible to change the Samsung default UI Widget interface background too? :-)
  4. Well I know JE1 is 6.5.3 and JE2 is 6.5 . I am wondering if Samsung is running multi-versions for this reason...
  5. Best would be native support in Google Maps, if not, compatibility layer to HTC is a workaround... Any news on this?
  6. Hohoho I ask my gf why she doesn't look like that... i think i will suffer approx. 1 week la ;)
  7. I know exactly what you are talking about. And I HIGHLY doubt this is a Windows Mobile OS memory leak... I had other phones before, HTC, SEX1, and NONE of them leak memory like this. After a reboot, I can run about 6 programs, Opera, SMS/Messaging, Navizon, Google Maps, and a few apps like that. However, after JUST ONE DAY, if I start Opera, almost everything else closes. The BEST fun I have... which I wanted to throw the O2 out of my car, was when I was looking for a restaurant. I opened Opera and then Googled the restaurant number, called them, then I inputted their address into Google Maps, but could not find the street name. So I wanted to switch back to Opera to call them again... BUT OPERA WAS AUTO-CLOSED. So I start Opera again, call them, got a nearby street, and want to switch to Google Maps, BUT GOOGLE MAPS IS AUTO-CLOSED. So I restart Google Maps, wait for it to get GPS fix again... hai. Then I want to SMS to someone, tell them I will arrive shortly... after sending the SMS, GOOGLE MAPS FREAKING AUTO-CLOSED AGAIN. Unbelievable. I FEEL LIKE SMASHING SAMSUNG O2. On the other hand, I found that some apps almost NEVER GET KILLED. For example, I could be running the Samsung Media Player the whole time, and it is almost NEVER CLOSED. Same for the Samsung SMS/Messaging app... it is rarely closed. So I am guessing there is something that is giving these Samsung apps high priority, and killing everything else like Google, Opera, etc. But the above was one time I wanted to just throw the O2 out the Window. From now on, if I want to use the O2 in the car, I will prepare myself by rebooting the phone before I leave home, then I can be sure it won't kill apps while I'm driving the car. Imagine how dangerous it was that day... and how annoying.
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