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  1. Parthaa Bosu

    Asus M930 officially unveiled

    Apart from all other, the paint quality is really poor. My asus m930 is just 6 months old, and it changing colour like the chameleon!
  2. Parthaa Bosu

    How do I create new Today screens?

    Hi, thanks for your post. I have been using PDA's since 2003 and have tried everything - Wisbar, animated today etc etc But the point they definitely eat up a lot of RAM, and specially depending on what kind RAM size does your phone have. so for lighter screen, 8 - 40 KB, they are aboslutely none problematic. regards, Parthaa Bosu
  3. Parthaa Bosu

    TouchFlo3D + Diamond goodies.

    Looks Great!
  4. Parthaa Bosu

    Imate spl wm6 rom

    Dear Seanstclair, i wanted to understand how does it work and was wondering if you could be my guide! I have an O2 XDA Stealth which is WM5. i want to make it WM6, is that possible? if yes, then can i use your software for that? Kindly advise, I would be really grateful regards, Parthaa

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