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  1. get a google account. Import ur contacts into google via web. set google as your exchange server. Make sure mail and tasks are not ticked as they are not supported. once contacts are synced to ur phone use pimbackup to get a copy :)
  2. Looks totally fake. It looks like a WAD theme that i've seen before. There are no notification... Image 1 looks like a 6.5.1 mockup or something picked out a presentation on what they are trying to achieve. the leaked 6.5.1 builds are almost identical to the image. Image 2... what the hell happened to being finger friendly??? the office ribbon is way to unfinger friendly for winmo. Image 3 doesnt look too unbelievable. Image 4, well look at the keyboard, thats far from finger friendly. winmo 7 is ment to be going up against iphone so ms need to make radical changes. This just looks like its come out of a 6.5.1 roadmap, which is the update to winmo 6.5 and is announced to be release sometime in feb.
  3. Which version did you install? I installed Version 0.3.1 and it worked. settings as follows: [Vibrate] |-| Vibrate on Touch = 30 | | Vibrate on Release [Advanced] |-| Disabled during phone call |-| Disabled when volume on silent | | Disabled when stylus is out | | Enabled only for on screen keyboard. [Device] ID = 10 |-| = Ticked , | | = Not ticked. Try that...
  4. 23409 works great. The touchscreen lag did exist but reinstalling touch response fixed the issue.
  5. Omnia Pro B7610 looks awesome, I'll probably end up buying from Play.com in uk. Release date is 30/9/09 so end of the month. CANT WAIT!!!!
  6. hey man, nice work. I too tried to port the app to wqvga but i couldnt find the bluetooth files. I see you too got stuck on that and just wanted to know how you fixed it? Thanks
  7. Sorry man, I tried real hard to make it work but it just wouldnt. I noticed if you use the dual clock it does work. It seems that LG have hard coded in some sort of padding into either the dll file or the java file. So it seems to be a hex editing job which i've not done before but i'll try again at some point. Would be nice to see some screenshots.
  8. Try this. Everything but bluetooth page has been resized. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ACYXOOZ3
  9. fixed, here is the new version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZZSWCBM9 I have deleted the old version so those links wont work. I'll see what i can do. In the mean time you can try this x button app. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=530564 Its the best one out there at the moment.
  10. great, yes you should be able to move it down in the today settings page. its called lg_datetime, just click it and then press move down. hmm, MS has changed alot in 6.5 so it is very likely that it wont work. I'm currently using 6.5.1 so cant test. Which 6.5 build are you using? Try using http://www.vijay555.com/?Releases:VJBrisk Just follow the instruction to redirect the task manager shortcut in the windows dir to spb's taskmanager.
  11. awesome, can you post a screenshot please. Have you selected the region in the settings page?
  12. thanks for letting me know. BTW if the only feature you want is the symbols on the same page, you should try fingerkeyboard. just search for it. its a very good keyboard. Ok I've found the files for the clock aswell and have repacked it. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=33J1VDMA You are able to pick a region but i'm not sure if selecting a city by zipcode works. I've not seen the weather side of it work please test and post results. Screenies would be nice :D Amit, you might want to put the download links on the first post so anyone looking at the thread for the first time can see the files. thanks
  13. same situation as you. You should check out the modaco section for the omnia : http://omnia.modaco.com lots of new roms both official and custom, and you can also get the new winmo 6.5 and 6.5.1 My battery lasts me minimum 2 days. I've managed about 5 days though. as for your contract, i'd suggest moving to solo. you can either go on a monthly basis or commit to 12 months and get a few xtra mins. I worked out the costs involved and going solo and buying your own phone seems to be prety much the same and paying t-mob for it. As for phones, like i said try the omnia section and see if ne firmwares float your boat. they do make the phone every more enjoyable, and i'm sure you'll be more then willing to keep it for a short while longer. the omnia 2 is a very nice phone, but i prefer the Omnia Pro as it has a hw keyboard. It doesnt look like either phone is coming to t-mob, and if it does it could be a while. so solo would be your best bet. you can move over to solo 30days and wait till they get the phone and then move bak. you seems to have a history with winmo, but have a look at the N900, also the g2 isnt bad but no hw keyboard.
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