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  1. Thank you! SB31 here: http://www.pdaviet.net/showthread.php?1279....5.0.95%29-SB31 Link: http://www.multiupload.com/TQQZ7KWNLZ Password: Sonblack
  2. So sorry! Now I have to say that: I stop cooking for I8000. My mother have just died, I cannot do anything now! I decide to stop from now! Once again, so sorry!
  3. It's in my ROM. That's true. But... If you did right as following my guides (see post #1): you will see SB ROM Settings at the first boot after flashing my ROM. It only run 1 time after flashing my ROM. You also never find its shortcut later. You cannot run it 2 times. Thank you!
  4. Firstly, thank you so much contable for giving first right to cook. I'm always so happy when both we work each other. Great work, contable
  5. @Contable: Please contact me if you're free these days I will make a new rom for I8000 again.
  6. Unpack my ROM file you will see sbexternal.sbr (SB30 has this file). You only copy this file to root of My Storage and then you flash the rom as you knew before
  7. I received the PM from guevz but now I can answer that I can't because the reason was showed by contable. I'm so busy for my company and my family. My uncle (younger sister of my father) died 2 weeks ago so I have to go back my countryside weekly. In my countryside I can't enter modaco forum. Maybe I can build again after 2 weeks more. Please understand my status! Thank you!
  8. @contable Thank you so much for your above post! I went back from my countryside for some things. So tired!
  9. Thank you so much and confirm! :) SBROM.exe is not used with recent version (SB29, SB30). Now, I only use SBExternal.sbr for my ROM.
  10. I only make it available. You can install Opera Mini from cab file, it work fine.
  11. You have to use SBExternal.sbr from SB30, not from others. The fault is caused from this old file.
  12. Base difference between WM6.5 and WM6.5.x is theme and position of Start button. With 6.5.x, top bar & bottom bar are not the same high. For more information, you can see this: @contable: Thank you so much friend for wallpapers.
  13. SB29 is based on JE3 original ROM ---> Samsung applications from JE3 ROM SB30 is based on JG5 original ROM ----> Sam sung Applications from JG5 ROM JE3 is WM 6.5.3 but JG5 is 6.5 so some other applications can working well with JE3 but cannot with JG5 and vice versa.
  14. I will update a ROM with some changes: - Add again SMS-MMS from original ROM JG5. - Task panel fixed. - Remove ArcSoft MMS. - Tab SIM Access of Bluetooth dialog fixed. - Add Extended FileExplorer. - LockScreen changed a bit for suitable. The link will be available at post #1 when I finished the uploading. Edit: The link (update) is available now!
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