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  1. : ) Hello all the old folks on here. Benzo
  2. @awarner, you still around these days. I miss my tanager : )
  3. Hi everyone. Just wanted to say that- especially to the old school users like awarner, discostu, fraser, firaas, midnight etc.
  4. Is there a way of watching sideloaded BBC iplayer shows on the Nexus 7 without having to strip DRMs or convert the WMV into something else? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I recently migrated from windows mobile (Kaiser) to Orange SF. There are two things I miss from my Windown Mobile phone: 1. Synching with Outlook 2. The dialler that allowed a person to key in the persons name in the dialler with the alphanumerical keypad and voila, the contacts name would come up. Is there an application for my dialler woes? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for that- and I think I've seen your name in U75 if I'm not mistaken.
  7. I got myself a ZTE Blade (Orange SF). I installed the FLB Froyo 2.2 9b which works great. But I am struggling to find the built in alarm function? Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks. Benzo
  8. My issues with WP7 is that it can't multitask, and as such, all 3rd party apps that are running restart when you return to it from another application. Then there is the copy and paste issue. I also am a big skype user and it bothers me that skype will not be released for WP7. If you can tell me that some of these issues have been addressed, I may reconsider and stay with MS WP7. Thanks!
  9. I'm a current windows mobile user. I am looking to upgrade to an android phone. I don't know much about android devices but I need the following specs: -Has good GPS -Fast even when running more than one program -Nice screen -Good battery -Responsive -Not too heavy/big -Allows me to unlock and play about with ROM stuff As an aside to this, how do android users sychronise their contacts/calender stuff with Outlook? Also, do Android users have good MS office editing software? Thanks for all the help in advance. Benzo
  10. Well after 10 years of being a loyal MS windows mobile user, I am now switching to Android. I started with the original HTC Canary/tanager. Despite every windows mobile phone/ppc I bought after that being buggy, I stuck with it. I really felt I was at the forefront of technology with these devices and platform. No longer. MS has fallen flat on its face and no matter how hard it tries to play catch up with WM7, it's just too late. I had some real fun with the Tanager and C600. My Kaiser served me well (and still does, but it is falling apart now). But I need to move forward with the technology and not just stay at the same spot I was at 2 years ago. Good luck MS window users!
  11. benzo


    What happened to the msmobiles site? And what happened to midnite? I remember he was a graphics guru non? I have to say awarner, Paul is very lucky to have you as a mod. Your dedication to the WM forum has kept this place ticking over when Paul himself would have probably let this section crumble.
  12. benzo


    A long long time ago, there was a war between a member of this board who said he was releasing a game called Kumite and the moderator of another MS mobile website who said the release was never going to happen (vapourware). Who won the war of words in the end?
  13. I think that is the problem, this place has become too much technical and less community. For example, I remember a long time ago when a poster was stuck at a bus stop and sent a forum message in the lounge asking if someone could post the bus times for his stop. A couple of minutes later, someone did what he had asked. There was a proper community feel. It's a shame Paul has let the WM section go. He spent so long building it up to what it was.
  14. Things have gone very very quiet here. I remember back in the day Modaco was at the forefront of windows mobile technology. Modaco was a community where everyone tried to contribute. There were regulars that almost lived on this board. It now seems things have gone a bit cold and 'hospital' sterile. I hope things pick up with the WM 7 phones being released.
  15. Yeah man, I remember posting on this forum back in the day trying to get advice as to how to speed the refresh rate of the attachable SPV/canary camera. I remember users that appear to be no more- like chewie, Emad, Madukrainian, <a model who used to upload SPV background images of herself- very nice!> etc. I remember when the lounge was a place where we would have political debates (I remember when the US attacked Iraq, we debated a lot here!).
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