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  1. I was wondering about that; thanks for posting the info!
  2. Good screens clickqass. Post the other ones at will (although I'm not sure thats ok with everyone else).
  3. I have the same issue on a AudioVox 5600. The avi's work fine, but they take up more space than the mpeg4's. I can play the video on the desktop media player 10, but no sound comes out. Tried to add attachment but didn't work. Huh, had to add to this as my work PC can play the mpeg4's ok with Quicktime (version 6.5.2). Windows Media Player can still can not play the sound (version
  4. An app called Flexwallet also just came out.
  5. I could have sworn there was an app posted here a little while back that would change the colors of a theme. It wasn't the Ruttensoft one, but another one. Maybe I am mistaken but I've been searching for awhile and can't find it. If it rings a bell with anyone please let me know.
  6. Had the same problems with the freezing on the 5600, .093g fixed my issue as well.
  7. This does bring up a topic I was going to ask though. What picture editing software would be good to use for editing some of these background images? I like the layout of some of these home screens but don't necessary like the backgrounds that come with them and would like to create a new image behind it.
  8. FYI, I have a Audiovox 5600 and was having an issue with the video stopping (audio ok) when going into full screen mode on version .93a. Went on the betaplayer forums and got version .93g version and this issue has been resolved. Look in the 'unstable thread' for the link to that version. http://www.corecodec.com/modules.php?op=mo...=viewforum&f=24
  9. It appears to install just fine, I am installing the Mobiclip-sp2003.cab file from the website. When I click on it to start it I get the error message, "Your phone model (Audiovox SMT 5600) is not supported by this player version (3.0)". Went to the wap site and it does work, although in French. It is version 2.72.
  10. Looks like it could be interesting to try but appears that the 5600 is not supported :lol:
  11. I believe you can still download it off of this site: http://airfagev.brinkster.net/downloads.as...p?cat=Utilities
  12. I tested the new version 0.9.6 on Mpx200 and the signal now shows ???%instead of the 0% I was getting before. Thought I would post in the interests of feedback.
  13. Just to clarify the issue with my Mpx 200 is that it always reads 0%. I use text only, no graphics. The screens are pretty sweet, be nice if they could run on a Mpx 200.
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