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  1. Replace the word "mms.dll" to "htmlnote.dll"... Use keyboard to type the word! Your question leaves me speechless :)
  2. Tested Touch Player this morning, the randomly closing happened; even in Samsung Settings, it happened very often. This is not memory management issue, cos i dont see it happen to other Sense(s) from other chef(s). Nonetheless this is a great rom, i still can live without Samsung apps. Your finger just has to act fast enough in Samsung Settings before random closing occur. :)
  3. i also dont face any issue with 21681 sencity oct 10 rom, very smooth and felt so much faster than Sep 21 version. Eboot is JH2 Phone is JC1 PDA is from Energy 21681 Sencity which should be JE3 (if i remember correctly) CSC is local Singapore version XSO something all like a bowl of mixed salad. :) with Energy rom, i just flash with OCTANS Mini without CSC, Eboot or Phone part.
  4. i believe you are using the latest official version of Singapore rom.
  5. I say Windows Phone is overrated... or else why during a recent meeting in MS saw most of their employees all carry the A & A. Just a couple years ago, i remember some of us were laughing at iphone shortcoming and android lack of business programs but they are catching up fast, just compare App Store... what they have and what we have! I come to MoDoCo in search of cooked rom for my Omnia2, while my wife search for good apps in Apple App Store. I constantly searching for the perfect rom while she had more fun on her iPhone.
  6. copy to phone and delete from sim. b4 change to new phone, copy to sim and delete from phone. simple enough?
  7. This is using GRPS in Singapore. Opera Mobile 10 using ShadowAngel 23134 rom PDA JG5 Phone JC1 1MB file download speed is 904kbps, 0.316s latency & 9.369s d/l time Using Wifi... 1MB file download speed is pathetic 259 kbps, 0.44s latency & 31.836s d/l time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to enable 802.11g on Omnia2?
  8. For some strange reason, the JF1 phone part is causing me to lose my WiFi connection, must Reset Connection just to get connected again. Downgrade to JC1 phone part, the above issue disappear.
  9. Well done, chef! sense ui very fast... simply love it. Just a tiny problem, my G-Alarm don't works at all, it generate a error message when it's about time to wake me up and that's it. (zzZZz) Nonetheless, it is a superb rom.
  10. Is there somewhere i can read about different PagePool size giving what sort of different effect? Thanks in advance.
  11. I made a mistake there... B) You may have to hard reset to start from fresh. You got to 1st install Omnia_II_Neo_Titanium.CAB into "Device", restart when prompted... then install Titanium_Default_Restore_v2.2.CAB into "Device" & restart when prompted. You also need CHome Editor to be installed into "Device" in order to add/remove panels. Good luck. :D
  12. It doesnt work... in order for it to work, just install the Titanium_Default_Restore_v2.2.CAB from post #2. To enable threaded SMS... HKCU\Sofware\Microsoft\Inbox\MsgTypes\IPM\SMStext\DLL change the value from mms.dll to htmlnote.dll HKCU\Sofware\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\OEM\SMSInboxThreadingDisabled change the value from 1 to 0 Wait 30secs then soft reset **MMS will not work**
  13. You are really the MAN! Thanks for the XSOJA5.
  14. Hi bro previa... The ROM i used is WM 6.5 KC21888Neo_Lite and these are the steps i install bro Contable's JML skins/mods/plugins. 1) Disable Windows Default from Today 2) Install MortScript_4.3b10_PPC to Device 3) Install JMLPanex V2.3 to Device 4) Install Ibrithyll WM7 Theme 6.9_2 GENIX9_mod to Device 5) Soft reset 6) Install JMLToday_contable_OMNIA_II_mod/skin to Device 7) Install Speeddials + AppLauncher to Device 8) Enable Windows Default 9) Use CHome Editor to remove CClock and TitaniumWeather 10) Run Install (Right), select au English (AU) 11) Cancel to choose your city weather, manually enter CHXX0049 (CHXX零零四九) 12) Choose "The Internet" for connection 13) Connect to WiFi and start updating the weather ** I have once again uninstalled bro Contable's JML skins/mods/plugins as i want a simple Neo-Titanium screen.**
  15. HI previa... I installed this Contable's JML mod last Saturday and played around with it for 1 hour, then i uninstall it due to personal reason (simple man with simple mind wants only simple screen). I was able to show all the 3 the weather image at the bottom, the only different i can think of (between your set & mine) is the MortScript, i'm using MortScript_4.3b10_PPC. You can download latest version from HERE.
  16. Khuanchai, I know this maybe a long shot but saw Sector posted in i900 thread, CLauncher in Neo style. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1054797 I would love to know if can be ported to WVGA. :)
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