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  1. What ROM do you guys recommend? I'm on the new Cyanogen now and have used Sense A14 but Bluetooth and the other bugs kept me away from it for a little while. What does the latest Modaco ROM offer over Cyanogen? I'm not a developer -- just looking for a good, fast, clean, battery-efficient OS with some new features.
  2. If it makes anyone feel better, my boss just downloaded 2.1 on his Eris and his Bluetooth has the EXACT same problem as ours. Paul - maybe this helps you?
  3. You guys can use lockbot for the lock screen!
  4. Do we know when the real Beta will be out?
  5. Confirmed that flash is working and 5mp although the pictures seem more washed out on this rom. Nothing a little photoshop can't fix but oh well. Paul - any ETA on a Beta with BT?
  6. Paul - out of curiosity, why do you think this is not in Beta yet? What is prohibiting it?
  7. Will Alpha 11 be available in the kitchen within the next hour or so? EDIT: That answers that!
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