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  1. Am I supposed to get any sort of confirmation of this happening? I get the "not found" error unless I put busybox in front of the commands but there is no positive confirmation. I try multiple times but all it does is throw back the command I typed. I did get the SU prompt but I don't think it is doing anything since neither busybox reboot or reboot actually restart my phone.

    EDIT: Don't think it is doing anything since adb shell df reports 0 used of the 166mb... HELP

  2. SO out for my birthday dinner last night, my girlfriend being a few beers in, reaches across to grab the dessert menu, knocks my 2/3rds full beer RIGHT on top of my phone which is sitting face up... I grab the phone, turn it over, give it a shake, and a wipe, and then take the case off and take the phone apart.. I let it sit for about 30 mins, and then decided to take a closer look at it. The inside seemed dry, and it didn't look like any moisture under the screen. So I decided what the hell lets fire it up... And it's fine. Thank goodness. Great phone. Love it.. Miss a couple features from my BB Bold, like a keyboard, the voice dialling, speech recognition was fantastic, I also wish the Nexus had the sleep mode that the Bold has.. But, that beer dumped right on the screen survival is amazing. My Bold did survive a complete submersing in a toilet, well sort of survived. Anyway. :)

    Great story. There are certain things to miss from a Berry but I think Android is overall better and more functional. There is something about e-mail on a Berry though. Just so stupid easy. I use Touchdown and love it though. FroYo solves your voice dialing over Bluetooth problem though. It is FAST.

  3. Why can't you just reinstall your apps I don't understand why this is such a big deal for you.

    I flash different Roms all the time and just reinstall my n1 torch and other apps.

    What you need is a good app manager to make it simple for you

    I can't believe you sound so helpless. You can figure this stuff out I'm sure. It's a no brainer

    quote name='FrustratedOne' date='May 20 2010, 09:07' post='1281552']

    But if I just went ahead and installed Froyo right now (I assume it auto-uninstalls CM), what would I lose?

    There is no Froyo yet... Just the SDK... Won't it take weeks to get a real ROM?

  4. Desire ROM has a widget that looks like a sidebar with phone numbers. Is there a similar widget on the market such as that one? I am using a different ROM but i find that widget very useful.

    I know what you are talking about. You can do a full screen or one column. You can long press and add shortcuts to direct dial, direct message, or contact info on a person (e.g., direct dial would allow you to pick one of someone's numbers to call by touching the shortcut). Personally, I like this better because I can add the shortcuts to anywhere I want.

  5. I don't think so. It keeps the market links and (I think) all of the settings that you used, but you'll have to plop the widgets or shortcuts back onto the phone. The only thing I know of that retains that is a nandroid backup (which is also what I'd do if I was going to reflash anything in addition to titanium). If you just want to experiment with another rom and then go *back* to the old rom you had, then nandroid is the answer.

    Not entirely correct. You can backup the [DESKTOP] item (in green). It won't work in the batch restore though and the dev is trying to fix it. If you manually select it when restoring, it will be fine and will restore shortcuts and icons. The only pitfall is that it restores the widgets as dead links so you need to fix those.

  6. is there a way to change the "haptic feedback" in spareparts to change the time in ms, when it vibrates? i think it's vibrating for around 35ms or so, but i like it when its only 20ms, maybe there is a way to edit it? or set a custom value? When i press the onescreen buttons the vibrate would be much more powerless and only half the time :-)

    What kind of battery life are people getting here and with what kernel?

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