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    Asus P535 + TG01
  1. • Video Review (as you can see, this time is stable as never) 2011 - LeSScro © http://www.lesscro.com
  2. unlock take 1-2 seconds to unlock... Maybe i can for LOW powered device remove animation to speed up a little bit more SKIN ! When you go to Messaging page..; configure Mail will automatically add necessary files to perform action and install message2reg in desired directory... Sorry for inconvenient !
  3. Sorry i forget to remove my power Hint Mode ! or you can instll this cab : http://ul.to/zain9nel
  4. yes another user on Samsung experienced same issue... then i m trying ti fix it on Samsung ! Maybe it will work with all other device !
  5. try to install wisbar advance desktop on memory... Can be solved issue witrh freeze... About Pink screen it s an issue from wisbar... but can be solved by a new skin directory methodµ... i will send you too an update...
  6. Hi, 1 - Wisbar advance desktop version ? 2 - Installed on memory or storage card ? 3 - Locker and home works, but not ather page ? what appear ? 4 -have you a pink screen ? 5 - Did you run in lown memory mode ?
  7. Send by Email this morning... have fun !
  8. ROm is not so bad... clean and fastest with interesting things but GPS driver cause an inssue for lot of user... is there a wayt ot fix problem with CAb and registry modification ! LeSScro
  9. Thx ! vvery hard to finish... and i need convert it to WQVGA now !
  10. Video Review : More info & download link at http://xphoneconcept.lesscro.com LeSScro © All rights reserved.
  11. how did you make camera looks much better ? is there a way like Radio Kitchen changer, to have this new radio ? I have a french ROM, with Feropont Unlocked feature for RAM and ROM size like You... but i use .300 Radio... Does new radio looks much better in audio quality and signal sensibility ? LeSScro
  12. Can you explain more some point in your ROM ? like : Software Version: 5007.0000.0321 where did you find this radio, is it much better, can i upgrade a ROM with your radio ? -> New visual. Camera what is new camera visualisation, can you make capture ? is it possible to update my rom with your new files ? like a CAB ? -> New Bootloader/Download Mode ??? What else ? how does looks like ?
  13. Shame On Toshiba... device work but politic about device is very strange and offuscated.... i agree with you... next i will buy an HTC or an Asus for sure... no problem with this two manufacturer... Peace bro'... LeSScro
  14. LeSScro

    tg01 connection problem

    Look here... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=19

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