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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but as it is windows related I thought someone here may be able to help. I bought my daughter a netbook, her very first one to let her get used to it and to go on her favorite sites like cbeebies and moshimonsters but it says I need a flash player. I have searched but to no avail, now I'm worried im going to have a very disappointed six year old on Xmas day. If anyone can help in anyway I would be very grateful. I forgot to mention the netbook is running windows ce 6.0 operating system. I did even hear that its possible to install an android system on some of these netbooks. I'm just really stuck. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ditto, elegant and nice to look at:-)
  3. Wicked app, just what I needed. Thanks:-)
  4. Could an android app for modaco be made, like the xda one? That would be super cool. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  5. Thanks alot, I will try a couple of things and see if it makes a difference. I dont mind a delay of an hr or so but a month really isnt much good to me :D
  6. After help from the good people on this forum with my last issue, I thought I would see if I could get some help again. Basically I am getting voicemail texts seriously late, I got one today saying the message was left on 24th July!! I'm stuffed if it is an emergency. Is this a phone or Rom fault. I am on a rooted Orange Desire running Pirate Rum 2.2. Thanks in advance.
  7. lazyeejay


    Thanks, another great idea. Trying it out on the free 2gb and it also works like a charm :D
  8. lazyeejay


    Pefect :) Just what I needed, I dont mind hosting the apps to a fileserver. This is as good as I needed. Thanks alot.
  9. lazyeejay


    Is there a way or an app that will allow you to attach a barcode to an apk file on your pc so that it can be downloaded onto your phone via the scanner. I ask because I think my usb lead is dead and wanted to see if there was a better way than to keep switching the phone off, removing the card, putting it in a reader etc etc. (Before any smartass says buy a new lead :) , I just thought if you could make your own barcode for your apks, it would be a neat way to install individual things quickly). Cheers.
  10. A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who helped me with this problem, my desire is up and running again!!! :P I appreciate all your help and advice. absinthemeninded - Thank you :) Shizophren - Thank you :D Attitudes - Thank you :D
  11. Thanks for that but it says E: failed to open sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory) E: signature verifcation failed Installation aborted:( Any other ideas please???
  12. Have done several rom flashes on unrooted Desire in past and justwent to put another one on but cannot open the windows.bat file when the red exclamation mark is on the phone. I have always gone through it swimmmingly but this time round, nothing is happening. I can get the bootloader screen but not really much else. I have tried the cable in a different usb port in case it may have been that but still no joy. I notice when it does the very initial boot thing, it says wrong image. I have also tried booting the phone normally but it gets to the loading screen then goes blank and if I press the wake button it still shows the boot screen. Any ideas?? I think the phone is ok, looks like a software problem and I havent the foggiest how to get round this:(
  13. I too used this site after upgrading on an Orange Desire and finding myself locked out and can confirm they delivered what they promised. It arrived in the spam section but after entering it twice, my phone was unlocked :) . It took just over an hour but all is good now.
  14. Hi, Ive got an Orange Desire and Ive read all the instructions and followed to the letter and mine starts ok, then it updates the radio then sends then says there is an error that it cannot update :P . Im pretty sure I have done it all correctly. I have used 2 sd cards and am kinda stuck now. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have got another card floating around but I would have thought one of the others should have worked, also phone was in sync mode. Please help as I want to get this orange nastiness off. *** Just decided to persevere and . . . Success!!! Yay, all Orange rubbish gone :D It was a bit squeaky bum but now its lovely. Thanks to Paul and everyone for various bits of advice and guides on this.***
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