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  1. Hi guys, I've upgraded the ROM of my Omnia a number of times, but the way the forums are set out I'm completely lost as to which are the newest and best ROMs out there! Can anyone point me in the right direction of the best and newest ROMs available currently? Thanks!
  2. If you have access to newsgroups or .torrent files, just search for Windows Mobile games or even Pocket PC games. I've downloaded about 20 games for the Pocket PC that run perfectly fine on the Omnia thanks to it's Windows Mobile functionality. Some excellent games there!
  3. Looks fantastic - I can't wait for this to be of the functionality level that Manilla2D is!
  4. I was thinking about this after buying the Omnia - what will the phone I eventually upgrade to offer me? It took me ages to wait for something to come out to beat my N96, the Omnia, and now I'm loving the Omnia and I'm worried I'll have to wait longer than my contract to find a worthy upgrade (many great months of Omnia usage to go!!!). I was thinking about the TouchHD, but that's only got a nice screen. It doesn't actually offer anything different other than an 'almost' HD screen. It'd have to be something pretty amazing with a LOT of features!
  5. Does anyone have any links to some Windows Mobile games for the Omnia? I can't find ANY websites/forums that offer them!
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