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  1. Oooo thinking outside the box... love it Thinking of other possibilities this may allow :)
  2. Beautiful Paul!!! Genius! Care to share the mechanism behind how it does it?
  3. Paul, you're fantastic (but you already know that). FRF83->R19 went, as usual, like butter. Only wiped cache and dalvik. NO problems at all
  4. I just wiped cache and dalvik before flashing.... no problems! :(
  5. Open the messaging app, hit menu, and turn off delivery confirmations
  6. The cache partition is where OTA updates are downloaded to. Since rooted phones don't get OTAs, it's fine to use it.
  7. For those missing TrackBall Wake, try installing the NOLOCK widget from the market. It'll wake with either TrackBall or Volume Keys
  8. Will you be posting an update.zip format with the new radio?
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