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  1. Is it now an official release from samsung or is this rom made by a cooker? is this rom with german language?
  2. This is for which Windows Mobile Version? I have tried it with WM 6.5.5 23569 but there is no transparent bar.
  3. I search i JI1 firmware with german language and without a branding.
  4. But i only see a BUJI1 Version. This must have a vodafone branding?
  5. Sorry but from Friday to Sunday i was in Berlin. And since my trip to Berlin i tested my Custom ROM. But now i have the problem that i can connect with my omnia 2 to the internet and i can download new emails. But i can't synchronize with WLAN and internet my contacts to the internet server and i can't synchronize some other things with the internet. I don't know at the tim what the reason is. But i won't upload a ROM which is not correct.
  6. Now i have flashed the JH2 on my omnia 2. I'm from germany. My omnia can load emails. I can go online with the IE an Opera. But some how touch wheather and O2sync can not create an internet connection. Is there something wrong with the firmware or is it not for german language?
  7. Now i can cook the rom. I have no time today to upload the files. But i think tomorrow i can upload it. PagePool will be 12 MB.
  8. Now i tried to cook an old ROM. With this old ROM. BuildOS starts when i start the process in ROM-Tool. But when i try to cook the new ROM BuildOS will not work. Now i copied the tools folder from the old rom to the now rom folder. It will not start. Now it runs. I have found the error. It was my mistake. I created with OEMizer two new OEM Version. With two folders: Public and Private. Then i gave the two OEM packages the same name JH2 23569. This was the error.
  9. Thats not good. Now i don't know what to do. But thank you for your help.
  10. Yes but it won't run on 5 PC's. And on my last rom cooking it starts. Its very strange. Is there any other tool to cook my rom?
  11. 1 Month ago i cooked a rom and buildos.exe works fine and without any problems. I used my laptop. Since yesterday it comes an error message. Then i tried it on 5 PC's. The same error. I downloaded the tool newly. But the error comes again. I updatet all my PC's an my laptop. Nothing happens. I start the tool directly from the windows-explorer and from the ROM-Tool. The error comes again. Here now the error message translated from german: BuildOS.exe has noticed a problem an must be stopped. If you don't have saved your work, some data will be lost.
  12. I tried to run buildos.exe on 5 Pc's but the tool won't start. There is always an error message. Now i search anohter tool to cook a custom rom. Can you tell me where i can find a tool?
  13. I can't cook a new rom at the moment. And i dont know how long it takes. Because i have tried an when i will start the buildos.exe i get an error message. I have tried it on 3 PCs and one laptop. :P
  14. I have three PC's and one laptop. But on all these the buildos.exe shows an windows error message.
  15. Ok i will make it. The JH2 WM 6.5.5 build 23569 in German.
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