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  1. I bought today this one... i like the combination of black and orange... it's about 50 € exc. customs
  2. Yesterday I tried to flash the latest firmware Because of stupidness this was not really successful and my TAB didn't start after the flashing... also pressing the power + volume down show's no effect. the display turns on only when it's powered by the charger displaying 2 icons of a phone and a computer I looked then through many forums and found at xda-developers patomas who had the problem. Following solution worked: 1. wait until the TAB discharge (about 1 Day) 2. Start Odin and connect th tab to the computer 3. wait about 10 minutes, TAB connected to the computer 4. flash normal FW (I chose the XWJJ4) Christian
  3. hello! thx's for your great work! fastest win 6.5 ever runing on my omnia B) I've got two question 1. have somebody this wallpaper? It's very nice 2. have somebody the link for an other input metohde?(keypad) or has windows mobile 6.5 only the 3 ? thx's for helping
  4. @ PaSSoA: thxs for the great Rom! @ all: i need the german input, how can i change it? it's very circumstantial to write messages with the english input language... thxs for the help
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