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  1. Go for the HD2! Or you can get the EVO 4G if you like Android! Hd2 pro: 1 GHZ processor 576 Ram Superb 4.3 inch screen with scratch resistent glass. Great buld qualitty Touch to focus camera Super support from xda-developers ( a lot of custom roms, custom HTC sense 2,5 sliders, clocks, etc + Multitouch for FPSECE games) And maybe HD2 user will get Windows Phone 7 ( not officially ) The best mobile UI at the moment. ( sense 2.5) I've had omnia 2 for 4 months and had some problems with it. First - When I used my stylus for the first time... that stupid pen scratched my screen. ( there was a theread opened with my problem ) Second - Samsung does not give a f$%^ about released phones. They didn't give a crap about releasing those 256 of ram that they claim that i8000 has or developing a good opengls driver.
  2. LG is even worse than Samsung. If you whant qualitty and good support go for HTC ( windows or android ).
  3. Go with iphone, or you can try HTC HD 2 if you really want windows mobile. Do not buy a i8000. I was really dissapointed with that stupid phone. Now I have HD 2 and i can say it's the best :P !
  4. Nice to hear that works for you... would be so nice to get md2 v2 to work on i8000 cause sense 2.5 it's a monster ram eater.
  5. They should first resolve the opengl 2.0 driver and give us more ram and than they should release a wm 6.5.3 update! :huh:
  6. Same here. Definitly my last Samsung phone!!!!I'm going back to Nokia or HTC !
  7. Yeah right! I bett we will never see better opengl drivers or more ram from Samsung. Even omnia HD has better drivers than omnia 2 and both phones use the same graphics chip!!!
  8. Yes you can flash eboot or phone separately using octans 2.14!!!
  9. Yeah ... i feel you Tylwith... but m2d v2 it's better than sense 2.5 for our omnia 2 because it does not need the opengl 2 drivers than we do not have in order to make sense 2.5 to work smooth. M2d v2 has weather, flip clock animations and looks very good. I hope that someone will continue to work on this beautiful project.
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