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  1. Go for the HD2! Or you can get the EVO 4G if you like Android! Hd2 pro: 1 GHZ processor 576 Ram Superb 4.3 inch screen with scratch resistent glass. Great buld qualitty Touch to focus camera Super support from xda-developers ( a lot of custom roms, custom HTC sense 2,5 sliders, clocks, etc + Multitouch for FPSECE games) And maybe HD2 user will get Windows Phone 7 ( not officially ) The best mobile UI at the moment. ( sense 2.5) I've had omnia 2 for 4 months and had some problems with it. First - When I used my stylus for the first time... that stupid pen scratched my screen. ( there was a theread opened with my problem ) Second - Samsung does not give a f$%^ about released phones. They didn't give a crap about releasing those 256 of ram that they claim that i8000 has or developing a good opengls driver.
  2. LG is even worse than Samsung. If you whant qualitty and good support go for HTC ( windows or android ).
  3. Go with iphone, or you can try HTC HD 2 if you really want windows mobile. Do not buy a i8000. I was really dissapointed with that stupid phone. Now I have HD 2 and i can say it's the best :P !
  4. Nice to hear that works for you... would be so nice to get md2 v2 to work on i8000 cause sense 2.5 it's a monster ram eater.
  5. They should first resolve the opengl 2.0 driver and give us more ram and than they should release a wm 6.5.3 update! :huh:
  6. Same here. Definitly my last Samsung phone!!!!I'm going back to Nokia or HTC !
  7. Yeah right! I bett we will never see better opengl drivers or more ram from Samsung. Even omnia HD has better drivers than omnia 2 and both phones use the same graphics chip!!!
  8. Yes you can flash eboot or phone separately using octans 2.14!!!
  9. Yeah ... i feel you Tylwith... but m2d v2 it's better than sense 2.5 for our omnia 2 because it does not need the opengl 2 drivers than we do not have in order to make sense 2.5 to work smooth. M2d v2 has weather, flip clock animations and looks very good. I hope that someone will continue to work on this beautiful project.
  10. And what has this to do with Omnia 2 I8000???
  11. In the future please try to use the SEARCH button. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...oid-on-omnia-2/
  12. They should better work on a new opengl 2 driver or fix the current one. Cause I want to play ferari gt and asphalt 4 without LAG !!! Who needs a new today screen when out there you can get spb mobile shell, pointui, throtle launcher, etc????
  13. Please someone can help me get full screen weather using gchris titanium? I've installed the versions found on this forum but they didn't work. I cannot find splugin_480X800.cpr in windows directory only splugins_480X800.cpr .
  14. I see. Thanks for your hard work and waiting for the sense 2.5 release! :(
  15. Waiting for that video. :P One suggestion if you allow me ... will you ever create an ultralite rom only with sense 2.5? Personally I hate all the samsung stuff. Thanks.
  16. Are voice commands enabled by default? Cause i never used this option... Edit: Voice commands aren't enabled.
  17. enrico988 i would like to you remove samsung cube if the rest of the users whant this to in you're next release. Personally I consider that it has no utility when you've got sense 2.5. Did any of you get this error msg??? Sense 2.5 is not loaded so the amount of memory is sufficient!
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