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  1. 1, uninstall and reinstall the samsung CDMA modem drivers. 2, try to use a other USB 2.0 port
  2. Please read the post #284 in page 15 Yes, you can use Vie12 ROM to flash your i900 again. Remember your phone must connected to desktop ActiveSync before run Vie12ROM exe. View Vie12.ini.txt (attached). A list of software in section Options. Vie12.ini.txt
  3. How about trial software? :D - run iLock2 to close S2U2 (Start Menu\Program\S2U2 group) - remove S2U2 folder in \Program Files - install new S2U2, answer OK, Yes then install S2U2 to Device. The setup will notify installation was unsuccessful, but do not worry. Just reboot the phone. I thinking about WM6.5 :D .
  4. You can d/l here. Sorry, Vie12 ROM does not have the BT Audio Fix.
  5. Use M2DC - for Left softkey : choose \Program Files\MortScript\M2D2Today.exe , and edit Left Softkey Name as you want - for Right softkey : choose \Program Files\Spb Mobile Shell\MenuLauncher.exe, and edit Right Softkey Name as you wan Make WM theme with your picture for today screen. Read post no 275 and 280 in page 14
  6. If you have used your "greek in keyboard" in previous i900 ROM, answer is Yes. Make sure USB Connection Mode in your phone is ActiveSync (Settings\Connections\USB Connection Mode) I think your phone is i900L. Just flash other i900L compatible ROMs. You can change spb skin to luna or kyro. The MortScript in www.imarche.net-SPB3 packs is older version and incompatible with Vie12 ROM. Just delete MortScript.exe in SpbMobileShellSkins folder before run .mscr file to change spb3 skin.
  7. - Close Manila2D by Start Menu\Programs\TouchFlo\TFD Close M2D (also a second icon in first row in Launcher tab of M2D) - Change M2D's theme with M2DC (Start Menu\Programs\TouchFlo\M2DC). Answer Yes to reload Manila2D. A my Vie12Taskbar cab in page 13 is works? Do you have to try it?
  8. Thanks. No need to re-install samsung video call. It is the same. I think that only edit registry as you say.
  9. Oh sorry. I forget notify you. The Opera Browser (OB) beta worked, but not compatible with Samsung Online Widget (SOW). Because I have combined Apps Data of OB with SOW for save space in Main Memory. You can install new OB beta after completion HR. I re-make your cab for automatically installed to "My Storage". Just copy cab file (and other cab-software you want) into \Storage Card\CabsAuto then point to Start Menu\Programs\Tools\Cab-Batch Install and click on link SD-Cabs Auto Setup. The my simple MortScript-file will automatically install all cab files in \Storage Card\CabsAuto. opera_v9.5beta2_gears_MyS.rar : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?0wd0g2dlynh Are you using a custom-ROM has BT-fix? Continue to use it. I don't have much time to build a new custom ROM, but I'll try to make a exROM worked on other cooked-ROM. Not now. *-------- Have anyone can let me know the VideoCall in new Vie12 exROM is work?
  10. Don't worry, if you installed other M2D cab in Vie12 ROM, the pre-installed M2D will be overwritten and not takes more memory. I have updated the Vie12 exROM in 1st post. Samsung PanelFs is software for Chinese. What's the phone dialer skin you mean?
  11. There is a bug in M2D 1.2.xxx And many M2D's themes is not compatible with it, I have go back to use M2D 1.0.xxx. Sorry, I was a big fan of stereo BT headset. Thanks <_<
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