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  1. Looking forward for your multimedia Rom, when time and schedule permits. Thanks Lyorite.
  2. Thanks for all Lioryte and happy to see that you like your new DIncredible. I made the change to Android some time ago with the HD2. Yes, running it from a memory card but fast and stable enough for full time use. Use WinMo on it sometimes. Kept my Omnia month to month for my son, flashing your ROM's for him. Now he got his own contract. (Sprint Epic 4G) so that will be the end of the Verizon month to month. (2 phone bills are not healthy for anybody's finances) Please later share your non phone ROM, think one of my nephews will be very happy. Thanks for all.
  3. Lioryte, Thanks for all your hard work for the Omnia. Know you will be making great works for the new phone you finally choose. Thanks again.
  4. Downloading... Please consider cooking the non phone ROM you mention some time ago. Thanks Lioryte.
  5. On Titanium V2, after install of Titanium Weather, and enabling Windows default, Titanium don't show up. Stays on the program shortcuts. If press the X button the X will disappear and still will be on the program shortcuts, but then non functional. Press Windows button and the program shortcuts work again. Already HR and the same. Thanks Lioryte.
  6. Hi Lioryte: 23135, loaded with M2D and over 110 cabs. Fast and stable as a rock. Thanks.
  7. iandy1

    Lioryte Model T ROM

    CTheme working great while in portrait. If allow for landscape then themes start showing "stuck" icons that scroll with the selector and disrupt the graphics. So I am using it only on portrait and works very well. Looking forward for more themes (like sv's) and if possible, a fix for landscape. Really CTheme is a must have on Titanium. Thanks Lioryte.
  8. iandy1

    Lioryte Model T ROM

    Hi lioryte! Download 9/1 ROM, find some issues but just find out that there is a 9/3 update. Will download and test over the weekend. Thanks Lioryte.
  9. iandy1

    Lioryte Model T ROM

    Great! Thanks Lioryte.
  10. iandy1

    Lioryte Model T ROM

    Looking forward for this one... Thanks.
  11. O/C is not working. I just install too many apps (over 95), and my battery is almost 2 years old. No issues so far with 23134.
  12. Hi lioryte. Been running 23134 for 2 days, working very well so far. Noticed also that the overclocking option is not working. 23134 is harder on the battery, but speed has a cost and my battery is old. Any teaser screenies of that 10 in 1 theme? Thanks.

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