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  1. What do you mean you can't get updates? Of course you can, but not Over The Air - you just need to download it from the asus website and put the update folder on your phone manually, then the process picks up automatically :)
  2. I have similiar question. I have MHL from s2 working fine, but got App Radio from Pioneer and I want to plug that MHL in my car, but it's quite difficult to hold micro-usb in the pf2 slot (I think it's 13 pin connector?). Is there any chance to buy mhl DEDICATED to pf2 connector (with them slight wings on the sides)? Or would I have to use extenders (male microusb to female usb)?
  3. Hello there. I'm wondering if my Padfone has gorilla glass. After 2 weeks of usage I have a lot of small scratches (I'm using it with care, it wouldn't be possible to get that many from sliding it into pocket). On SGS2 after couple a months of usage I didn't have any of them. Does your phone have same problems? I can post pic to prove it
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