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  1. thetwiztidfreak

    Droid Rooted!!!!

    AWESOME!! cant wait to see what comes from this being rooted not really sure what benifits rootings gives us other than the ability to install apps to the SD card but custome roms are always fun.
  2. thetwiztidfreak

    Droid Sound levels

    yes i do listen to very loud music :D To many loud concerts when i was a kid affected my hearing not enough to count as a hearing disability but ya still looking for a way to boost headphone sound a bit. and yes have made sure both volumes are at max(not media cause pops at max but fine one notch down)
  3. thetwiztidfreak

    Droid Sound levels

    Just wondering if any one knows how to adjust volume levels so we could boost the headphone volume out. Sounds is great on external speaker but not near loud enough for me on headphones, espically with my bose headphones. I did this on my Omnia and it was pretty easy but dont know enough about android yet.
  4. thetwiztidfreak

    LED Flashlight app

    Works great and developer is still working on adding more settings and hopefully a widget.
  5. thetwiztidfreak

    (0 Post) Well how many people will get one

    got mine last friday and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing that we actually get a cool phone first here in the US for a change.
  6. thetwiztidfreak

    LED Flashlight app

    nope and i have tried several. i think the reason is that the G1 and most other android phones have yet to have and LED flash like the Droid. so its just a matter of time till some one does im sure.
  7. thetwiztidfreak


    I have also read that the only way to get apps installed to your SD card is by having root access. But only been reading for about a week in preparation for getting my Motorola droid last week
  8. thetwiztidfreak

    Jeyo for the Android

    https://text.vzw.com/customer_site/jsp/messaging_lo.jsp that will let you send to verizon customers. i also know that AIM instant messenger will let you program phone numbers and send texts to them right out of the buddy list. that owuld be the easiest rout
  9. thetwiztidfreak

    Droid USB/Bluetooth/WIFI Teathering

    friend was telling me he used PDAnet to teather his G1 dont see why it wouldnt work with the droid gave me the link www.junefabrics.com will be trying it out tomorrow will report back my results
  10. Sounds like a nice FREE alternative to verizons visual voice mail. but i think i will pass
  11. thetwiztidfreak

    How can I change volume on i910

    http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...-verizon-omnia/ Nice step by step guide on how to adjust volume levels on the i910 Search feature works great simply searched for "i910 volume" and it was right there. This has been asked a million times
  12. the newest version works just fine but all the chefs remove pretty much ALL VZW specific programs. you just have to download it from start.vzw.com like some one else mentioned
  13. thetwiztidfreak


    just go to http://start.vzw.com on your mobile browser and it will download the latest version. works just fine on my win 6.5 rom. But like some one said it is 10 bux a month, but i personally like vz nav more than the others iv tried.
  14. thetwiztidfreak

    Just got off the phone with Vzw

    I think that operator was B.Sing you. for 1 the omnia can still be ordered from the vzw website, and 2 I can still order them for my indirect store so they may have been out of stock at the time you called. and also Asurion almost always sends a refurbished phone, sometimes you get lucky and they send brand new ones. I did an insurence claim about 2 months ago and Asurion sent me a brand new in the box omnia with all accessory.
  15. thetwiztidfreak

    [6.5 ROM] blazingwolf Night v1.4

    Love the rom wolf but for some reason i cant not add any new contacts. all the one i had before imported nicely with pim back up but when i press new in the contact list it just jumps me back to the browse contaxts window. any ideas?

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