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  1. Hi all - I use a HTC TyTN upgraded to WM6. Would this configuration support a 4GB MicroSDHC or a 8GB MicroSDHC? Your feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Hi all, On my MPx220 - when the keypad is locked - the left softkey displays "Unlock" When pressed it displays the following message: "Press the "#" key to unlock the phone" How do I change the content of this message?
  3. 1) MPx220 - Modem Setup How would I go about setting up my MPx220 as a modem for my laptop via the USB cable to access the internet via GPRS? 2) MPx220 - Change of Icon displayed by a *.lnk file Is there any way whatsoever that the icon displayed for a *.lnk file can be changed. For example - hypothetically I would like to chance the appearance of my calender link. Is it at al possible. 3) MPx220 - Development of a customised iTap language. About 50% of all text entered on my MPx220 is English. For that iTap predictive input works wonders but alas - my native language is Afrikaans - a well developed localised version of Dutch with some French, German and English influences. Is there some program available to develop predictive text input in Afrikaans. Currently I'm using Multi-tap to enter text in Afrikaans - what a slow process. 4) MPx220 - Searchable Registry Editor I am currently using the Breaksoft Mobile Registry Editor. A lovely tool but with rather limited advanced functionality. I would, for example, like to do a search of the registry on MPx220. Any suggestions for a DESKTOP registry editor please. I know the various forums are full of registry related modifications and tweaks, but has anyone actually taken the time to accumulate the more helpful registry edits centrally. just wondering as it would save a lot of us hours of painful tweaking and I'm sure the old hands wouldn't mind sharing some of their experience.
  4. I recently purchased Mobile Media Maker (SmartPhone) 1.3 from SmartPhone.net Upon installing the software I receive the following error message on my PC: "0005\F7\DGPDVDRipperStudio.ocx There was a problem registering this file. The installation will be cancelled" Any advice in resolving the problem would be appreciated... :)
  5. Thanks all, it certainly worked for me... :)
  6. Before I updated my MPx 220 to ROM 1.43 I could see, on my homescreen, the current GSM tower identification. How can I re-enable this feature please? Thanks in advance :-)
  7. I struggled with this problem for a while. If you want real results use PocketMirror. A bit pricey but wort it.
  8. I'm just getting settled in with my Moto MPx 220, and what a joy - once you overcome the RC factor... The one functionality that I do miss is the Auto Redial when a number is engaged or unavailable. Is there ANY way that I can activate such a function please?
  9. I see the 1Gb Mini SD are rater affordable. Does anyone have first hand experiance in using anything larger than a 512 Meg card in their MPx220? If so, I would love to hear if it read 512 only or supported the full capacity...
  10. The one thing that I'm not able to resolve is how to search through a multitude of contacts... For example, I'm looking for a contact beginning with Fanie. So I hit the "3" key once, twice, and the third time... Oh no, my MPx220 tells me there is no such contact as 333 :cry: Next I hit the "3" key only once, guess what, my display spews out all contacts containing any vague reference to D, E and F :roll: By this time I'm so desperate to find Fanie that I hit the home key, goto contacts and scroll through a multitude of contacts, starting with A till I eventually reach "F" by which time I finished a cup of coffee and wonder if this MS Smartphone was such a good idea after all... Am I making any sense? Please help :)
  11. I use my MS Outlook 2003 primarily as a communication tool for business. As such I have no desire to synchronize all my contacts with my MPx220. In stead I created a separate *.pst folder for my Smartphone contacts. As the solution is not that obvious, how do I select which outlook contact folder must be synchronized via ActiveSync? Any help would be appreciated :?:
  12. I am running a MPx220 on the Vodacom network in South Africa. My current ROM version is 1.360.0.0 :) The ROM update tool provided by Motorola only provides for Cingular users. How do I update to the latest ROM (1.43 or higher)? please...
  13. Excuse my ignorance but where do I download this video from? :D There does not seem to be a link on the page.
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