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  1. Taskbar 23071 works with almost all new builds. If not, you can unistall it through remove programs.
  2. Is there a link for internet sharing cab for wm 6.5? Thanks in advance!! ;)
  3. The net is full with what you want.Just google and you will find a lot of black white monotonous deathlike taskbars and black themes which i dont like and i dont use. I made colorfull taskbars because there are only a few in the net and because i love colors. Maybe when i have the time i will make an ugly black white taskbar!!
  4. check this http://news.softpedia.com/news/Windows-Pho...ed-137551.shtml
  5. 23547 for os kitchen dummy files included No sleep issue. http://hotfile.com/dl/32852078/488a56e/235...kitchen.7z.html
  6. Has anyone cooked the new official rom XBIJ1? Any impressions?
  7. CeCabManager is very easy. You just put your files in files with right click and add them and save the cab
  8. 1)For icons use Icofx or gimp2 or both 2)For cab making use CeCabManager Information also in post 183
  9. Click right button in your mouse and click reneme and then delete the txt and leave the rest. The system will tell you that the file maybe unusable after that.You must click ok and thats it!!
  10. Maybe this is what you want. Delete the txt after download. shellres.96.dll.txt
  11. Add this also [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\ResOver] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\ResOver\Bitmaps] "BaseId"=dword:00000000 "BaseDll"="phcanOverbmp.dll" "BatteryIconIdStart"=dword:000003E9 "BatteryIconLevels"=dword:00000065 or the registry file in my first post "resover.reg"
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