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  1. Where is the download link?
  2. sivaspor

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    You are the MAN. My acer rebirth thanks to you! Keep up this excellency. THANKS.
  3. sivaspor

    Charge battery with USB cable

    Changing usb mode Activesync to Flashdrive solves the problem. Otherwise won't charge.
  4. sivaspor

    [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    Gives allways error with me? xxx.conf File not found. I've updated latest T-Mobile 2.1 rom and works fine but FBL mod I can't succeed at anyway. Could someone help please?
  5. Thanks for your perfect software, glad to use. regards.
  6. Dhee, Do you have a plan to making a rom to Omnia pro ( B7610 ) may be? That will be really great. Regards, Thanks.
  7. Answer 1 If you mean a bright light on middel of the screen? Then yes, I have it too. Most of t-mobile omina models have it. I think it is a fabrication problem and there is no replacement or repairing procedure for that. Answer 2 You need special warranty for free repair ( by seller or provider ) If you don't have then, I suggest you to buy a new digitizer, I'm from Netherlands too and shipping cost is only 2 Eur. But you must be carefull while replacing the digitizer.
  8. Thanks buddy, I had same problem and I bought what you suggest from ebay and you know what. I don't know my Omnia anymore. It's rarely amazing. This digitizer better than oem version. If anyone has screen problem, then try to replace screen digitzer. It isn't expensive, just 11 eur + shipping cost. Thanks again.
  9. It's good to see you here dude. I'm a fan of your roms, I'm waiting your next M2D wm6.5 rom. Welcome. :)
  10. sivaspor

    Dheewatara's roms

    I think I can't pay 10 euro for a software which makes screen a little bit more sensitive.
  11. sivaspor

    Dheewatara's roms

    I hope v52 will better than V47. by example screen sensitivity. It's very huge problem for me.
  12. sivaspor

    Dheewatara's roms

    +1 But Call log is well exists, just push dial button at any screen B) I do allways so... Sorry if I did understand wrong but You can't use your Omnia as USB Wifi Dongle :) ;)
  13. sivaspor

    Dheewatara's roms

    Try AKToggleWiFi from the menu. Works fine with me.
  14. sivaspor

    Dheewatara's roms

    Got it. Thanks again.
  15. sivaspor

    Dheewatara's roms

    Still awaiting for password, I can't send any P.M. to no one, I don't know what is the problem but just I can't. Alternative v47 M2D lite link for who want rapidshare: ( Still password protected. )

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