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  1. thanks for sharing..pretty fast indeed :D
  2. the source code will be released after samsung nexus's launch, which is in 10 november..i hope we'll have a stable release for racer this year :D
  3. can you type using this rom? maybe it's not a general problem and only I experience this. right now i'm using a chinese rom and i have no problem, so the touchscreen isn't damaged. thanks for your concern
  4. overall it's a great rom..but the screen calibration is still off :(
  5. any news about tigtex's health condition? this long absence really gets me worried . Let's hope he's fine
  6. dragging apps on the screen it's a known issue. try this rom link. specs here..i think is better than b02. good luck!
  7. the new market is out..it's pretty cool and works on most of cyanogen mod builds.
  8. it's there..green android -> android_ -> bootanimation
  9. X850 official original 2.1.2 download, pro-test perfect Download: xunxun_-2.1.2dj1.zip Post: Malshenzu
  10. Updates on the pro-test! Basically perfect 2.3.4ROM! Appropriate to streamline, not floating screen. Make it more energy efficient, cleaner, more perfect. Based on the sweet spring landscaping Download: new-rom-07-28.zip Post: Malshenzu Additional file: ADW theme. Rar
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