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    Htc Tytn II, Zte Racer
  1. Dj Fluminee

    New market 3.4.4

    thanks for sharing..pretty fast indeed :D
  2. the source code will be released after samsung nexus's launch, which is in 10 november..i hope we'll have a stable release for racer this year :D
  3. can you type using this rom? maybe it's not a general problem and only I experience this. right now i'm using a chinese rom and i have no problem, so the touchscreen isn't damaged. thanks for your concern
  4. overall it's a great rom..but the screen calibration is still off :(
  5. Dj Fluminee

    [ROM] ZTE Wanna-be-MIUI-r01.0

    f&cking awesome..thanks equiliym
  6. great news! Let's hope it was the last surgery
  7. any news about tigtex's health condition? this long absence really gets me worried . Let's hope he's fine
  8. Dj Fluminee

    [ROM] Rexchun 2.3.4 (wangjin89)

    dragging apps on the screen it's a known issue. try this rom link. specs here..i think is better than b02. good luck!
  9. works great here! thanks racerboy
  10. Dj Fluminee

    [ROM] Chinese ROMs

    the new market is out..it's pretty cool and works on most of cyanogen mod builds.
  11. Dj Fluminee

    [ROM] Rexchun 2.3.4 (wangjin89)

    it's there..green android -> android_ -> bootanimation
  12. Dj Fluminee

    [ROM] Chinese ROMs

    X850 official original 2.1.2 download, pro-test perfect Download: xunxun_-2.1.2dj1.zip Post: Malshenzu
  13. Dj Fluminee

    [ROM] Chinese ROMs

    Updates on the pro-test! Basically perfect 2.3.4ROM! Appropriate to streamline, not floating screen. Make it more energy efficient, cleaner, more perfect. Based on the sweet spring landscaping Download: new-rom-07-28.zip Post: Malshenzu Additional file: ADW theme. Rar

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