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  1. vermillionman

    Whats a good Australian map GPS app?

    Well i use to use Igo8 with Windows Mobile but Android does have Igo for DHD. Ive got Navigon but the street names r alittle small to read. Sygic is nice too. But the HTC Locations, not that good the to use. Dont like it that much. Havent tried Copilot. What have u guys used? Is their any better GPS apps for Australia? :P
  2. vermillionman

    Whats a good Australian map GPS app?

    Hi fellow HTC Desire HD users, Whats a good GPS app with Australia maps? Im not happy with htc location app. Can anybody point me in a good direction? Thanks guys..
  3. I have igo 8 working fine. ive downloaded a few versions of primo and just cant get it running. Can i get a hand please? or a link? :P
  4. It might be that memory is alittle full??? maybe
  5. Ive been using igo8 in Aussie for a while now love very. Does every thing for. Question.. What do i need to setup and get TomTom on my i8000. Ive never got it going. Can someone give me some info pls.
  6. vermillionman

    Giorgio Armani ROM i8000

    Im interested in testing it too. i have flash my phone with about 30 roms in a month and a half. so id love to take ur rom for a ride too mate.. Wheres ur link at?
  7. Every time i launch media player it ask to search for new music. can i stop this? And can i only search one folder? Its freakin' annoying man. Thanks guys
  8. Was thinking of trying Primo one day....
  9. i have been using igo8 for about 2 years and i still refer it cause i can change and edit alot of stuff.
  10. It still bothers me when i use the phone book for the keyboard to jump up...
  11. Is that true brother. if only i could put it on my phone then i wouldny be busted by the cops so much. hehe :lol:
  12. Does anybody know?? its just alittle pain in the ass, cause i have only afew number 20 or some and it covers them over. And i dont like :lol: . Come on you experts. Im puzzled :)
  13. Doesnt work for me It still pops up dude. i tried that one b4. Thanks bro.

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