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  1. smilepak

    (0 Post) Well how many people will get one

    Got mine...it is awesome
  2. smilepak

    New ROM for Omnia i910

    man Omnia II is about to release and yet no official ROM from VZW ahahh
  3. Coolie! Will add info and link to my site! Thanks... http://knguyentu.com/wordpress/2009/04/ver...eta-rom-leaked/
  4. smilepak

    Ebay Application :)

    Check XDA-Developers. THere was one floating around. I used it a couple of months ago. Can't remmeber what it was.
  5. Could someone please post me what is in their registry? I think I accidently override something and disable my touch... I need it for this key... [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\TOUCH] Thanks!
  6. smilepak

    New ROM for Omnia i910

    In the process of uploading some screenshots of the new items in this ROM here -> http://knguyentu.com/wordpress/2009/04/ver...eta-rom-leaked/
  7. What is the actual method to get GPS to work? I got it to flash already. Phone is set to Location ON, still no dice with Google.
  8. smilepak

    New ROM for Omnia i910

    I took a dive! WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Okay did the upgrade. Not too shabby. It has "WEATHERBUG"!!!! LoL! Which is cool!!! I like the new layout when selecting volume setting, that is nice! The Tool icon on the tool bar allows you to remove widget, that is nice. It also comes with Windows Live, Overall system space, i think it took less space. It also comes with Easy Setting...good step forward on the functionality. Would be nice if Calendar shows appointments.
  9. Is this the leaked ROM? And how the heck do you flash it on Vista?
  10. http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?p=567669#post567669
  11. There Barcoma which works well with Omnia. I used it recently at Circuit City with it was closing store to see if the deal were good or not. hahah
  12. Manually through windows explorer int he program files directory.
  13. smilepak

    So whats the best i910 rom?

    The best i910 ROM? Is there even more than zero to be rank? Lol!
  14. smilepak

    Opera 9.5 Build 15954

    List updated to include the newest Opera build from Omnia Rom i900XXIB5. Opera Mobile 9.5 Build 15746 http://knguyentu.com/wordpress/2009/02/win...e-browsers-war/
  15. smilepak

    Opera 9.5 Build 15954

    Potentially, yes.. To revert back, you have to hard reset to get the original from the ROM back on.

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