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  1. I just wanted to say thanks to Modaco for being a great place for me as an Omnia (both i910 and i920) user. There needs to be a special thanks going out to Wozzer, Ninja4Hire, AMDZero, Yardi4Life, and SteelReign for all their work on ROMs for the i920!! Anyway, I'm a bit tired of Windows Mobile and decided to go back to a device that handles all the basics simply and superbly: a BlackBerry. I went the "cheap" route and used a secondary line upgrade to get a Curve 9330 and have upgraded it to BB6, which is a great smartphone OS (it would be even greater on "superphone" hardware, but that's probably a moot point with RIM). Since my primary line is due for an upgrade in the summer of 2011, I'm looking forward to seeing what VZW has to offer over the next few months. Android is finally on my radar because of the Motorola Droid Pro (as much as I love Samsung's multi-media features, the Droid Pro offers Enterprise-class security features). Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their i920s to their fullest extent!! :)
  2. Will you share your DefaultPlugInsRC and TodayContainerRC files so we can use this? I like the way it looks :lol:
  3. I think the problem is with software you're installing or something you're tweaking. I've had no issues with this ROM - I even run in the mid 70's with regards to RAM, and I'm using MS 3.5.5 with a Galaxy S skin.
  4. Nope. I'm just trying to clean out the VZW software, remove Office, MS Widgets, Transcriber, and change the splash screen.
  5. Not sure why, but evry ROM I generate from this kitchen seems to be broken. My phone will boot to the Verizon splash screen, but then goes blank and becomes unresponsive after that. No backlight, no image, no nothing. I have to do a battery pull and reflash to something else. The only thing that has worked for me was generating a stock ROM (i.e. no changes at all, just building the ROM).
  6. If I recall correctly, that cab doesn't work right because it looks for a SIM card.
  7. Does anyone have a jinbox cab for us to use if we don't want to flash a ROM? I plan on going stock for a while with this new update, just to see if I'm capable of enjoying a phone "as is" (with a few minor tweaks, of course). I need it primarily for use with the Samsung Today UI.
  8. I take it no one read my edit - the update goes live tomorrow.
  9. I saw nothing on VZW about an update... Where did you see this? EDIT: I called VZW a little while ago and was told the update is being released on the 8th (which, incidentally, is one day before the Fascinate launch).
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