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  1. Not as easy as flashing a different ROM. You need to re-lock your bootloader and can try a RUU http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1257909
  2. I had the same "problem", Vol down and Power long press also stop this loop.
  3. Thanks Paul, upgrading to HC coming from a German 2.23.405.3 was a breeze. Now we just need a kernel that brings back support for the Flyer buttons.
  4. Too bad HTC as of today can "only" send the Diamond 2 in the ring, since they are so way behind their initially planned release schedule. They saw the Omnia II coming, but are still working on the upcoming HTC Touch HD Pro, confirmed by Microsoft, with the release planned just a little under a year after the release of the original HD. Advantage will be that it can start with WM 6.5 and Manila/Touchflo 2.5 right out of the box.
  5. Great work, thank you. Would be great to see the DLNA control point app as a cab :-)
  6. Thanks Turborepu, highly appreciate your TUT on how to add 3 buttons to menubar(s). Respect!
  7. Smilegod, nice patch, thank you. But would be better if we could edit qa_layouts.dat manually, since other hacks would be affected by the overwrite. Can you supply the elements please?
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