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  1. Stock launchers, and the widgets are shared, and it happens in both directions (sense to ge and ge to sense) Examples are evernote, beautiful widgets and twitter. The icons on the home screens stay on both roms (and also the settings of the sense blink feed), while widgets and wallpapers not.
  2. Paul - a small issue I'm experiencing is about the widgets in the home screen of both roms that get removed at every switch. Not sure if this is connected to the wallpaper issues that spinstorm reported some posts above (also my wallpapers get reset at every switch) A
  3. I was stuck on the first boot as well, i switched off the device and then it worked
  4. Hi Paul, Thanks again for this, having your switch on my htc one is the reason why i'll prefer it to the galaxy s4! I've just installed the beta1 and don the first 2/3 switches :) All good for now..only small thing i've noticed is that the initial HTC splash screen appears 3 times before booting the google edition rom. Andrea
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