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  1. There does seem to be a problem. I havent seen a single HTC One without some sort of flaw. Some are so small they dont matter, but some are just really bad. My first one had huge overhang of the plastic on the bottom. My second had a chunk missing from the bottom speaker grill. My current one was a slight ripple in the plastic around the volume keys. The other issue is the Camera. It just isnt very good despite what reviews say. Its rubbish in good light. On XDA there is a definite trend that anyone complaining gets shouted down or told they are too fussy, or in the case of the camera, 'doing it wrong'. Its really sad that you cant raise legitimate issues because of die hard fanboys.
  2. Im really not seeing how this is a minor upgrade over the S3. It looks similar sure, but its basically double the device in every way, yet thinner and lighter. What some call bloatware, others call features. If you want bland and featureless buy a Nexus 4. While it might be only evolution rather than revolution (significant evolution to my mind), at least its not a bad revolution, like the One. The more i see of it the worse it gets. Thick, heavy, sense 5 is horrible, genuinely pointless features like Blinkfeed, stereo speakers that will mean teens playing music in the street on the damn thing, annoying everyone. Blaghh.
  3. Its a NEW sense i'll love to hate, such progress HTC.
  4. 1080P AMOLED screen, or whatever the green version is. Dont care for LCDs, wont have an LCD TV, dont want an LCD phone.. Exynos Octa. Exynos is better than the rest, it just makes the phone FEEL better, whether it benches faster or not. Hardware keys. Yes i know the arguments for soft keys, i think they are wrong. I hate soft keys and whatever HTC have done on the One is just wack-a-doodle. I find the S3s 'Smart' features quite handy. Smart Stay works really well for me, even with Glasses on. So im looking forward to these extra 'Smart' functions, i dont find them gimmicky or pointless. They are innovative (more so than rounded corners anyway..). Anything BUT a Glass back. Its a stupid thing to make a phone out of. Its nesessary on the front, but dont compound it by putting it on the back! It doesnt matter who is doing it, its wrong. I would like a more industrial design for the back though. The rounded shape on the S3 is a bit ugly, but i have no issues with it being plastic.
  5. I have given up on the Nexus 7 already and it seems im not the only one. First unit had terrible backlight bleed, it was simply unusable. Second unit was exactly the same. Third arrived and had the screen lifting issue, creeks like an old door and has a really dim, washed out screen, something the first unit also suffered. I contacted Tesco and the technical help guy said that all he has been doing for the last few days is dealing with the same issues on the N7. Hundreds of returns. Is it just too cheap for its own good? They seem to be saving money by fitting poor screens and totally ignoring quality control. This whole thing has made me appreciate my Tab 8.9 a whole lot more. Its not perfect, but it is at least screwed together properly.
  6. How is the home screen redraw on this? I have it on every ROM ive tried so far to some degree.
  7. Meh, sorry LG you blew it ages ago. Not interested.
  8. I have no issues like that with my S2. It does have a few marks on the surround, but only because I dropped it on a hard tiled floor. My point was that the initial complaints that the back was plastic and the battery door was so thin haven't proved to be an issue. Its as good as anyone can expect a phone to be after a year.
  9. I think the more elaborate the material, the easier it is to damage. We have ceramic and polycarbonate superphones and even totally glass ones, but guess which phone still looks like new after a year.. the 'cheap' plastic SGS2. All the more exotic ones look nasty in weeks. The old iPhones metal backs looked like they were attacked with a sandblaster in days and the glass ip4 gets scratched up and ugly in no time.
  10. I agree, its ugly, because its a bad iOS port and i still dont really see what the fuss is about. Stupid hipster app for stupid hipsters.
  11. For me the One X has only one problem.. The Galaxy S3. The S2 is so damn good with ICS its unreal. Battery lifed is like 50% up over GB, it is iOS smooth, but more responsive and the Exynos is showing how superior it is to Tegra. Its not even close. If the S3 is like the S2 but with SuperAMOLED+ 720P, better camera and a quad Exynos, it will be unbeatable.
  12. The only Launcher on GB that wasnt stuttery for me was ADW EX. Go launcher was jerky, Launcher Pro had micro stuttering. Now im on ICS i use Apex Launcher.
  13. I to would very much like a Modaco ICS ROM. I switched to CheckROM after i got bored waiting for an updated Modaco ROM. They are always so smooth.
  14. Seems to run the Allwinner A10 CPU with a dual core Mali (isnt the SGS2 Mali a quad?). Hardly super computer powerful, but pretty decent. The 9.7 inch screen is IPS and said to be almost the same as the iPads. I will wait for proper reviews, but it sounds pretty decent for casual use. Most of the issues i have with cheap tabs is the dark washed out screens. This has stopped me getting one in the past. Things like the Advent Vega just looked so terrible in the stops compared to the higher priced devices.
  15. Oh come on guys there is no chance the GS2 is going to miss out on ICS.
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