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  1. OH MY GOD! It has got full hungarian language support! Even 2.2 and 2.3 didn't have this
  2. I've tried NFS Shift on honeycomb, it runs smoothly. Nice ROM anyways, love the animations and overall appearance. I'd definetly use this as a main ROM. Just needs fixing sound and wifi.
  3. Wednesdays in march: 2nd, 9th ,16th, 23th ;) We're counting down the days
  4. Any news on new language support? Cant wait to get hungarian langugage on 2.2.
  5. MD5 hash for fix.zip (101 117 405 bytes) : 07AF1B2851CC22189BA6127B14F31E63 EDIT: I've got the same unpack error! dont know what happened, uploading again. EDIT2 Finished uploading, http://www.2shared.com/file/e9vdb0pa/romsize.html (just fix.zip, renamed :unsure: ) need mirrors B) actually you can make your own fix.zip, just download resize.zip from this thread, and the other zip from the 512mb memory unlock thread (t-mobile hungarian firmware update), and just extract the firmware update zip, THEN resize.zip, OVERWRITING files. Thats what i've done in fix.zip
  6. Yes. I've checked the new partitions with 'df' 2.2 Alpha4: /system: 124mb used, 22mb free /data: 278mb total :unsure:
  7. As far as i can see, every IMG file can be replaced in the image folder on SD with your backed up IMGs, and you'll get back your backed up system. not tested BTW. This is a huge improvement for ROM cookers. They can alter the partition table, and switch the boot img, with just a zip file. I could imagine a new fix.zip with a very very stripped down version of android, clockworkmod, and more space on /data. With a very easy installing procedure, even without clockworkmod. Actually this thing needs more testers to try the partitioning thing.
  8. Hungarian users, with the default 2.1 t-mobile rom cannot use clockworkmod. It makes the display go crazy :-) This is the only reason I don't replace that.
  9. HOWTO - Getting 64mb more ROM space. (for installing apps) !!WARNING. This process was only tested by a few people here. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK I've made this guide only for experienced, pro users for testing purposes!! !!FIGYELEM. Ezt még csak néhányunknak sikerült kipróbálni. KIZÁRÓLAG SAJÁT FELELŐSSÉGRE!!! This guide will repartition your Blade's internal memory, so you will get 50mb plus space for installing applications. for now, ONLY FOR HARDCORE USERS. Tested to work on 512mb ZTE Blade. Hungarian, T-mobile simlocked. The current ROM, or anything else doesn't affect the guide. The files are not my work, I'd like to thank Tom G for the hex edit, and Sly5 for getting the T-Mobile low level firmware update zip, and sharing with us. 1.: optional: do a nandroid backup. Completing this guide will erase ALL your data, and you'll have a hungarian language 2.1 rom. 2.: charge your phone. I cannot even imagine what happens if you interrupt the partitioning process. Your phone wont blow up, but you'll need to get another Blade to charge your battery. 3.: understand all the risks. Your Blade will be simlocked to the hungarian t-mobile network. You NEED to unlock your phone, if you're not hungarian :-) 4.: download this: http://www.2shared.com/file/e9vdb0pa/romsize.html (basically its the t-mobile low level firmware update tool with the hex-edited partition table information file) 5.: create a new dir on your SD card, 'image'. low case. Upack romsize.zip here. from this point, follow the 512mb memory unlock tutorial: 6.: ensure your battery is not empty, then turn on your phone with menu and volume up buttons pressed. 7.: wait for the process to complete (2mins max.) 8.: enjoy :-) 9.: optional: flash clockworkmod (other tutorial), and restore your backup from step 1. 10.: if you're not a hungarian t-mobile user: unlock your phone (other guide) What that does? Your /system partition will be 64mb smaller, thats okay, we dont need that much space for now. Maybe a new rom will be released in the future, with a lot of programs embedded, but for now, it's just unnecessary. That 64mb goes to your /data partition. The process can be reversed, if you follow the 512mb memory unlock tutorial. /don't forget to delete the image dir on your SD before flashing clockworkmod, or you will keep repartitioning instead of entering fastboot interface like me :unsure:/
  10. My partition table is now the same as what Tom G showed us. First I tried only flashing the resize.zip (unpacked to an image folder on SD card, and boot with volume up), but didn't work that way. The solution was downloading the 512mb_memory_fix, and overwriting the files with Tom G's resize.zip. Then followed the memory fix tutorial: Copied everything to SD card (image folder), turned on phone with volume up and menu button pressed. Actually, just ran the t-mobile's low level firmware update (thanks fo sly5), with Tom G (thx)'s files. My phone went back to factory defaults, 2.1 T-mobile ROM, hungarian language by default, so I flashed the clokworkmod recovery, and restored my 2.2 Aplha4 backup file, with the well known method. I'm uploadig the memory fix with Tom G's files embedded in it, will post the link when completed. Maybe with a HOWTO B) However, I must warn everybody, it has only been tested by a few people now. AFAIK, the process can be rewersed with the original t-mobile firmware update.
  11. yes, its up and running. Restored my Alpha4 ROM. I always had about 39-40MB of space on /data, with a lot of programs/games installed. After it, I've got 90MB! It's awesome! The best hack so far for the blade!
  12. I CAN confirm that, Tom G's partition layout WORKS on the hungarian blade :unsure: Free space on the original t-mobile ROM: 233MB I'm restoring my Alpha4 backup at the moment. will post free space after that.
  13. OFFTOPIC áááááááá túl gyorsan futottam át a topicot :) javítva.

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