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  1. Damn west sorry to hear that. Did you try ebay and/or a google search, I'm sure you should be able to order It from some where. There's always a long distance phone call to mitac that may help, you should be able to order directly. If I remember correctly didn't someone In this forum mail there phone to mitac or tiawan to get fixed?
  2. AH well I've lost my phone and It probably won't be returned.Who ever has It won't get It to run unless there tech savvy. I kept the phone locked at all times. Despite all the quirky problems the phone had I really loved It. I didn't wan't to spend as much money this time so I went with the MPX200(pretty much the same phone minus the camera and less quirky problems).
  3. modojojo





  4. Hmmm...I don't seem to have that problem. On smartness and picodrive, I've done directional jumps from a standstill no problem. Although I will say the Dpad on the 8390 Isn't the best for gameplaying. Your problem may be game specific. Not all emulated games translate well on the 8390, graphicly and gameplay wise.
  5. Maybe the MIO 8390 also has some issue with the volume buttons being different from previous phones? Thanks for the assist spacemonkey, but What you stated above Is exactly the problem with the 8390.
  6. There doesn't seem to be any config menu for gnuboy on the 8390, or I can't acess It. gnuboy Is working 90% for the 8390, no sound, no save state, no control config and you must turn the phone off to exit the emulator(Ah well better than nothing ). Picodrive on the 8390 Is at 95% small percentage of games don't work and no sound. Smartnes Is the only emu so far at 100% on the 8390 everything works.
  7. If what you are talking about Is the picodrive emulator, You must first follow the gapi fix instructions by (1) putting the sig certificate In the phone and then use the signing program to sign picodrive.exe.(2)once that's done take the signed picodrive.exe and place It In It's own folder. You must also place whatever (unzipped) roms you have In the same folder. Place the folder on the phones storage card. To run program use phone explorer to find and open folder on storage card.click on picodrive.exe choose rom to play and start.
  8. With the Gapi fix Smartnes and roms work fine. Note* If you have nes roms that are zipped you must open them, they will become larger and the file extension will change to .nes, place .nes files In a folder with the smartnes exe all should work after that. If not, you didn't use the gapi fix or you have bad rom dumps.
  9. So far with the Gapi fix smartnes and gnuboy works. Pocketsnes does not work and I don't know about picodrive.
  10. Yeah I did the signing fix with the pocketSNES ,but results were as stated In the first post. Thanks anyway Schriss, Ah well smartnes seems to be working fine as well as the gameboy color.
  11. :? Not sure If this works on the 8390 or not. I put the signed app In a folder on my storage card. I have a bunch of Snes roms,but I'm only testing one at the moment a puzzle game(bomberman)I took the rom and renamed the extension from .zip to smc. The Pnsnes emu loads up and I get the start up screen but when I go into the menu and select the rom the screen goes black and I get bumped back out to the 8390 menu.
  12. They need to give you guys an award! Mitac needes to fly two representatives to were you guy's live and give you a huge bag of money. Then set you guy's up as official Mitac service techs!!!!!!! P.S. ZIM check your mailbox I PM'd you!
  13. LOL... Zim The mitac magnetic master!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I had a similar issue, mine I would power up with the shell open, and It would be good until I closed the shell. Once the shell closed I couldn't get my phone out of sleep mode no matter what button I pressed. I couldn't even answer the phone when It rang. I would have to hard reset by taking off the battery and putting It back on. Thanks to Zim on this forum, I found out during the shipping process my phone went through a magnetic field and that was the cause of my sleep mode problems. All I did was find a decent sized magnet, and held It next to the phone for a few seconds and my problem was solved and my 8390 was operating normaly. Hope this helps, your problem may be different.
  15. Thanks Mjohns, I have two more questions. Where can I find the adaptor for mio8390-like plug to standard 2.5mm plug, and does Jabra sell the dongle-thingy seperately(without headset).
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