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  1. I have PPTP VPN account, it drops after connection in 30s. Any ideas? and any improvement in froyo? Thank you.
  2. Is the OTA ROM as the same as leaked ROM on XDA? thanks
  3. I never do a2sd, so I really do not know this unroot result. Maybe you can google more info or ask some experts in the forum.
  4. I buy Desire from Clove, the system version is from 1.15.405.3 to 1.15.405.4 over OTA, and I flash the desire to 1.19.707.5 by using Goldcard, and then rooted according to the 0.80 root guide. To get official update to Froyo, flash the desire to 1.21.405.2 with RUU software and USB connection. I do not know how about 1.21 root and unroot result, anyone knows?
  5. 1.21 stock ROM can make 0.80 unroot http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=684259
  6. I have read the thread 1h ago, will be happy if it is true. but we know the hero updates.............
  7. I find the Desire's ROM version, but I have not find any dump ROM. Taiwan(1.19.832.2) Hong Kong (1.20.751.5)
  8. It is convenience to us, we can access the site very easy by using the desire.
  9. My desire is rooted based on Asia WWE 1.19, now I can not unroot by using official RUU.....exe.
  10. My Desire(1.15.405.4 sim-free) is upgraded to Asia 1.19, WiFi is better then before.
  11. After rooted, in bootloader, press power then select recovery, when the screen has red triangle, still press volume up and touch power-key, a new screen comes out. you can do update(update.zip only) or wipe. Is this orginal funtion or rooted funtion? Anyone knows? Thank you.
  12. In official ROM post, you can find Asia WWE ROM link, it is 0.80 bootloader. when it is running in windows-PC, you can find a new temp folder generated by the software you downloaded, and you will find the RUU in the new temp folder.
  13. As 0.80 rooting is released, is the un-root method as the same as 0.75?
  14. Great!!! F5 again and again.
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