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  1. @WhiteFace Start -> Settings -> Personal -> Phone -> More Tab -> Band Selection - > Change Frequency to Automatic Hope this helps Wize
  2. Hi Steff, Thanks working perfectly. Did not turn up on my searches as i was looking for Samsung PhonePad / Keyboard :lol: Thanks Again Wize
  3. Hi Steff, Tried to install the keyboard from your link and i have the same problem, does not show when pushing and holding or in the Input app under settings? :lol: Any other advice ? Wize EDIT: as a interim work around i have installed HTC Phone Pad not as nice as the Samsung one but works.
  4. Does anyone have a link to the samsung phonepad that i can download?
  5. Esmertec Jbed is the correct software ..... download .... install ... have a nice day !
  6. Do you know if our drivers "OEM" folder will be compatible with CE6 and if not will it be hard to make them compatible? Have not managed to get an answer on XDA B)
  7. LOL ... not very good Landscape at all....
  8. Does anyone out there know how to disable ALS? Some Roms have it disabled others it shows up again. I don't use it and therefore it irritates me on my taskbar I have searched but cant find the solution. Any help would be welcome !
  9. Looks like the new one to me :) . using Anzo's rom
  10. Great to hear it !!! Cant wait to see the next build !! Thanks to the team for all the hard work done so far on this project !!!
  11. Just found this great page for customising for cooking XDA
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