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  1. Epic irony right there. Gotta love it :huh:
  2. I guess Microsoft got too comfortable with their marked share at the time that they forgot to innovate. Didn't even care much about bug reports as far as I recall. Luckily we have a little more choice these days. As people say, wait for WP7 if you wanna go the Microsoft route, otherwise Android is for you :huh:
  3. Crispy


    Du kan prøve nogle af Imate romfilerne (ftp://ftp.clubimate.com/) eller se om du kan finde en til Qtek. Det burde være muligt. Og jeg er rimelig sikker at det vil virke selvom tastaturet ikke er dansk.
  4. Looks to me there's nothing new under the sun other than a few new icons and some programs that should've been there all along. I'm sure most people would agree that the thing MS phones definitely haven't had going for them is the GUI and general nice look 'n feel. I simply don't understand why they don't do something major about that area. As mentioned; full skinability, alpha blending - the list is long! ... I mean, is this supposed to be innovative???
  5. Now that's just cool... just needs to be ported to smartphone too :rolleyes:
  6. The only thing it has going for it is the fact that it's fairly thin... Definitely a no-go in my opinion
  7. Yes, that would indeed be nice, but I very seriously doubt that's ever going to happen... and for the GPU, no, that's not gonna happen either. I mean, we're up to WM5 and they're still using CPU-powered "curtain-loading"; I can't recall a single other class of hardware devices that still do that :/
  8. Yes, that's definitly something that should've been there ages ago. Many people have 500+ sms's. What about some ordering? Sms ordered by person, country, etc?
  9. My thought exactly... I'm not sure what they're thinking, but an operator based IM network is simply not something you launch. Unless it works on at least one major IM network it's gonna disapear faster than a cheeseburger in front of Rosie Odonnell...
  10. Don't you mean the Orange DK launch Paul? :D ... and 115, oh my... well, the more the merrier :D
  11. Looks awesome, however, I don't like the idea of it actually getting that warm... a pda should, literally, be cool :)
  12. Sounds to me that a Hard Reset would be the way to go, however, especially the bluetooth/GPRS problems sound a bit more fishy, so might not fix those. Anyway, as I recall this procedure works on the XP2 too:
  13. If you can't get to any point where you can uninstall the program, maybe try and hard reset it? This can be done like this:
  14. Ya, just worked just a like charm the first time... neat :) Update: Just made this little QR code quote generator, try and check a few; http://sonix.dk/service/qrquote/ ;)
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