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  1. Sorry to disagree but a friend of mine has just taken out a new contract with T-Mobile. He brought the Nokia 5800 on the old (not 08 numbers) Flext Price plan with free W&W. When he downloads he gets the 3.5G sign and having run various speed tests he gets between .8-1.2 meg download speed.
  2. Well a friend of mine has just taken out a new contract with T-Mobile on the old Flext price plan. He took a Nokia 5800 and this shows 3.5G all the time and he is only on the basic W&W. So it looks lie T-Mobile have reviewed their policy towards HSDPA. With most of the other networks offering it free of charge I dont think they had much choice.
  3. Very strange. Have contacted CS and they say that I have basic W&W on my account. However when ever I download on my phone the 3.5g sigh comes up. Before I upgraded it was just the basic 3G. Have tried sim in my old phone and that now gets 3.5G as well. So I know its not a phone fault.
  4. I was due for a upgrade and T-Mobile do not seem very keen on doing any deals with their new Flext price plans at the moment. I was on the old Flext 25 with W&W for £30.00 pm. It took me about 10 calls to T-Mobile but I ended up getting the new Flext 35 with W&W (3.5g active as well) 08 inclusive a N79 and free unlimited landline calls. It took me to give my 30 days notice before I got this deal.
  5. T-Mobile revised their Flext price plans last week. At the moment they are only for customers who upgrade with them. The Price plans will be open to new customers from April. The major changes are that the new plans now include W&W (mobile internet with them). They have slightly less allowance with them then the old plans BUT voice mail now comes out of your allowance as well as most 08 numbers and international calling. http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/services/uk/flext-refresh/ Plans for upgrading customers start with Flext 35. However new customers will only be offered Flext 40 and above.
  6. You have one of the very rare unlimited data bundles. It has a FUP of 500mb but you can go over it. My wife who has the same bundle used 1 gig last month with no problems. The way to tell the difference on your account is shown below. I have just taken out a second contract with Orange and have the 500mb only data bundle. It is shown below. Your current service plan : dolphin - Dolphin 40 Your current bundles are shown below : OW Daily Capped Usage 30 Mins Video Calling Try No Care Allowed 3G USIM provisioned Video Calling Promotion 60 500MB Mobile Internet SINGLE 250MB OBS DATA BUNDLE My wifes unlimited bundle is the same as yours. Your current service plan : dolphin - Dolphin 25 Your current bundles are shown below : 3G USIM provisioned Video Calling Promotion 60 Unlimited Mobile Internet 18m 10.00 Loyalty Reward
  7. Just to set the record straight. In July Orange offered free on £35.00 and above price plans a 500mb FUP data bundle. It was put in to the archives at the end of July. This ment that it could still be added but the CSR had to know what to look for as it was hidden away from the current bundles. This offer was fully withdrawn at the beginning of December. From January this year Orange launched their new Panther price plans and replaced the 250mb limit with a 500mb one. If you were taking out a new contract or upgrading to a lower price plan you could have this bundle for a extra £5.00pm. If you wanted a data plan while you were in contract you should only be offered the 250mb data bundle. However I have posted on quite a few sites and the feedback has been that some CSR are happy to add this bundle on to your account anyway. Like many things it depends if the csr is happy to bend the rules. So some of you may be offered 250mb and some may be offered 500mb. You can combine data bundles as well. I recently talk out a second contact with Orange. It was on the Dolphin 40 which came with unlimited evening and weekend browsing on top of this I managed to get the 500mb data bundle added and on top of that I also managed to add the 250mb data bundle as well. So there are options if you are a large data user.
  8. Oranges Panther price plans now come with 500mb of inclusive data use. The new data bundle can also be added on to other price plans for £5.00. The Orange website has not yet been updated but CS can sort this out for you.
  9. There are better deals about on Orange. I recently (October) managed to get a good deal for my brother and my wife. I am a Orange Premier customer and managed to get a good upgrade deal for my wife £10.00pm for 200 min,unlimited texts 60 min video calling and 500MB fup of data. My brother took out a new contract with Orange with a E71. He added the £7.50 250mb data pack but had used most of it after 6 days. So I called up CS on his behalf and said that he would have to return the phone under the DSRs as they could not provide him a good data allowance. It took 3 calls to get it sorted the fist call and they gave him the Blackberry bundle for £2.50 250mb FUP the second call I managed to get him 60 min of video calling and the 3 call I managed to get them to add on the unlimited data bundle 500mb fup. So for his £32.50 pm he has 700 min 100 texts unlimited landline calls 60 min of video calls and 750 mb FUP 2 data packs. This was all done in the space of his first week of a new contract. So the deals are out there you just have to ask CS very very nicely.
  10. Hi, First post here. I have just found you great site. It might seem a bit strange starting on what seems to be a old post. However it seems as if I am the only person now left with the £8.00 unlimited data bundle. I managed to get the bundle continued with out any end date. It took a few calls to CS to get it sorted as one CSR almost lost me the bundle for good. However we got there in the end and as a sign of goodwill they threw in 60 min of video calls every month as well. T-Mobile 3G coverage in my area is poor and Orange have just enabled my site to HSDPA. So I am well happy with them. If you need decent data packs from Orange their are other ways of getting them. I have just set up my brother with Orange and he has around 750 meg of anytime usage pm.
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